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windows sticking in freezing wet weather question

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With the snow coming tomorrow I thought I would ask.............In addition to pre-heating the car is there one lubricant recommended by Tesla to apply to the window and door seals to prevent the window from freezing to the seal? Or have folks had good luck with a product that won't harm the seals (heard wd-40 eventually will). I swung into a SC this morning and they said something just came out from Tesla on this, and as I was standing there he looked it up and said I should use Rainx (realize the spelling is incorrect), or any other 'hydrophobic de-icing spray.' Thanks for your insight.


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    I would stay away from any product except the Tesla outdoor car cover, unless you have a desire to experiment. In that case I have has good luck with the Type IV Anti Ice used on aircraft.
    Kinda messy, but won't hurt the seals or paint.
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    "have had"
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    AERODYNE In the past I have had car covers freeze to the car. Since then I stopped using car covers in the Winter.
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    We are lucky this winter as we now have a two car garage where we can keep both the S and 3 parked over night, but we babysit our grandchildren and sometimes the cars are left outside during a storm while we are at our childrens' homes during the day. I was looking for something that may help with the doors and windows sticking in these situations.

    303 Rubber Seal Protectant seems to get a lot of favorable reviews. In my searches I did see a few posts that said NOT to use the Rain X that was recommended at the SC this past Saturday.
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    Been through 5 winters here in CT and never had an issue with window or door handles on my MS. Just pre-heat.
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