City of Jacksonville, Texas wants a Charging Station

edited November -1 in Texas
We have been submitting requests for over a year. The City of Jacksonville is interested in possibly paying for a charging station at no cost to Tesla. However, not a single reply. When I call in they say the department does not have a phone.

I live in Tyler, Texas and the closest charging station is in Lindale, Tx. Most people in Tyler with Teslas live over 25 miles away from this location. I work in Jacksonville, the nearest charging station to me is in Nacogdoches (also 25 miles away). I am hoping that Tesla will one day respond to the City of Jacksonville's requests. We have a beautification fund and are the biggest city in Cherokee County.


  • Kinda an aside - and yes, Jacksonville should have one but I need to drive from Houston to San Angelo next week and for the 1st time since buying my Model 3, have to take the Acura.

    I can charge in Austin and get to San Angelo. I can go through San Antonio and charge in Junction, then get to San Angelo. But once in San Angelo, I'm 90 miles from the nearest Supercharger and I learned there is not a SINGLE public charger in San Angelo. A dealership (Ford, I think) has a slow charger they'll let you use for $20.

    If I want to do any driving around in San Angelo, I run the risk of not getting back to Junction, or west to Ozona.

    Come on, Tesla..
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