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64% Driving Efficiency - Is this normal?

I'm currently averaging 600 wh/ml or 64% driving efficiency on a 4 month old Performance Model X. The car is primarily used for the school run / small trips around town in the UK and is set to Chill.

I wasn't expecting to get the rated range but this seems very low. Is this something I should get the service centre to look at or is this normal?


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    Are you finding yourself in heavy traffic a lot?

    I noticed today that my average was really high while in heavier-than-usual stop-and-go traffic.
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    don't look at efficiency for short drives, it's not accurate. also, are you using the heater a lot? what is the internal cabin temperature set to? do you have the 22" tires? do you race it? what's your cruise speed? are you heavily loaded? Do you get full regen or is the battery cold when you leave in the mornings?
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    Very short trips will skew high, especially in the cold with large draws for cabin heat and battery heaters. Pretty meaningless without longer duty cycles.
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    Okay. Thx. The research I had done would have led me to expect more like 450 wh/ml to 500 wh/ml for city driving in winter but from your responses it sounds like 600 wh/ml isn't that unusual.

    @Passion2Fly in response to your question - Heater is set to heat the car to 20 degrees, 20" tyres, don't race - it's in chill mode, cruise speed 30m/hr, normally loaded with 3 kids one adult, battery is cold when we leave in the morning.
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    try to use seat warmers as much as possible. 20C/68F is not excessive. the biggest improvement here would be if you preheat the battery before leaving, set the charging to end around your departure time...
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    I am getting 60 to 70 percent efficiency also on a 5 month old X. I also notice that most of the time I don't feel the regenerative braking -- the car acts as a more traditional car with the transmission set on neutral. Any thoughts?
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    Your battery isn’t getting warm enough to operate normally with regen or efficiently.
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    You can track efficiency and compare to other drivers with the "Stats: For Tesla Model S/X/3" app.
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