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"Regenerative Braking Temporarily Limited" -- fake news?

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This morning was 56 degrees, slight rain, no big deal. Overnight low was pretty warm, near 50. The car had been in the garage over the Thanksgiving holiday, and the garage doesn't warm up nearly as fast as the outside air, so I wasn't really too surprised to see the "Regenerative Braking Temporarily Limited" message this morning. But it didn't seem like my regen was really limited -- the car felt like full regen was on, and the black/green energy usage bar was going to green when I felt regen. I wasn't on any road where I could monitor the wh/m to really verify if I had regen (i.e. no sustained downhills), so I can't be sure. Basically it seems like the trigger for the warning isn't 100% coupled to whether or not actual regen is happening.


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    Was the line to the left of the regeneration indicator dashed on the far left side? You can still get pretty good regeneration, but if the line is dashed it indicates you won't get full regeneration.
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    Limited regen isn't on or off, its variable. It'll regen until you run out of solid line on the left and hit the dashed lines.
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    Thanks both, didn't know that......but I also didn't see any dashed lines, only solid green.
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    @IHaveArrived: Look closer. When there's energy going into the battery (regen, going downhill, foot off the accelerator) the line will have green on it; the green will extend from center to left the more regen one does.
    When energy is going out of the battery, the green will not be in evidence. Instead, on the same line, going from the center towards the right, there'll be a black line. The more the accelerator is pressed down, the longer the line is.
    If one looks carefully at this green/black line location, it will be gray from all the way right to all the way left, except for where the green/black is going on.
    When it's colder out, this gray line will be dashed on the left, extending from the far left towards the center. The green line (when using regen) will never extend into the dashed area. As the battery system warms, the right end of the dashed area will move to the left, leaving more room for the green, until there's no dashes whatsoever.
    You'll get the warning message about regen limited when there's any dashes whatsoever and no warnings otherwise.
    Too many words....
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    ... And the less regen you have, due to cold or upper limit SOC, the more dashes you will have consuming toward the center of that line.
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    And, actually, a fairly brilliant bit of user interface design. A lot of information, easily understood, right where it's useful without getting in the way of anything else.
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    Small point, it’s not the green line that gets dashed, it’s the thin grey line underneath it.
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    In your circumstance I'd imagine it's an excess of caution speaking to you from your M3.
    Heck, I get that here in Tucson with similar morning starts but I don't notice anything different.
    The only time I can discern a definite amount of regen reduction is when I've got a 90+ % charge.
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    Once again, thanks all. Good stuff.
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    I always get that notice when I leave home after a full charge. After a few miles, it returns to normal. I'm guessing, of course, it's not going to charge if you already have.
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    Get your eyes checked people, they are dots not dashes! It makes a major difference! Well for Morse code anyway...Tesla...not so much. Haha
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    True. Dots. Which are very very veryyyyyy small dashes.
    ; ))
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    First, I'm proud of myself for doing a hint of search and adding to an appropriate these instead of starting a new one. temporarily reduced

    I do see the dotted line at the left side of the regen line. Is it always that way, and I just never noticed?

    Yesterday my wife drove the car. This morning when I woke up the car temperature showed about 56 degrees. And I got that message too, probably the same message, but it said regen reduced, not limited. And it mentioned something about it will get better as you drive.

    Is this because of the temperature, something my wife might have done, updates,?

    And most likely, it's nothing I need to be alarmed about unassuming, because I haven't seen a lot of discussion on it.

    Just adding my comments and concerns have a happy holidays.

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    The dots have always been the primary indication of reduced/limited regen. Regen is reduced either because of low temperature, or high SOC(state of charge), or both.

    Nothing to be concerned about.

    Conversly, If your battery gets too hot, you will get dots on the right side which means reduced/limited power.
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    Thanks, derotam.

    High SOC basically would refer to the percentage? Slightly odd either way, I charge to 80% at home, and the temp wasn't that bad. But I'll roll with it and keep my eyes on it.
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    I went to Alta Laguna Park in Laguna Beach today. When I left, my Tesla showed no dashes on the regeneration line. Not long after I started to come down the hill, add soon as the energy graph said I'd hit 300 watt-hours of recharge, I got the "regeneration temporarily reduced" message. It is obvious to me that this is part of battery management to prevent damage to the battery from stuffing electrons into it faster than it can take them.
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