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I think that Tesla should sell a kit so a person can change any of their cars to full electric. It would help expand the company even further and help people save a lot of money. They would not be able to be held responsible for any problems that did not occur do to the quality of the product. It is a simple way for people to get what they want out of their cars.


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    I doubt the number of people wanting to and able to convert their car to electric will be very large in comparison to ones wanting to buy new OEM EVs. A Nissan Leaf will cost far less, have many better features and be much more comfortable and reliable than anything that could be converted. Even the cost of a new Tesla S may not be much more than the cost of buying all the parts to convert your car to electric with Tesla parts. Further, every ICE car is different to convert and would require far more technical support from Tesla personel compared to a car that Tesla builds themselves.

    I've driven conversions for 9 years now and can tell you from first hand experience that I have not driven a conversion that was even close to an OEM vehicle in terms of refinement.
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    It's unlikely that Tesla will go along those lines, it's a hobby-horse sort of market, and it's not very profitable.

    If a conversion company approached Tesla, they might be interested in supplying them with Tesla parts to do conversions, but I don't think Tesla wants it's tech tinkered with at the "guy in his garage" level.

    Then too, Tesla could only supply the PEM and motor, the batteries would still be a custom job on each conversion.
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    I agree it would not be profitable (currently) and I doubt Tesla would do it.
    But I disagree people wouldnt want to do it. Forget Nissan leaf, just remember what great car designs are out there and how good they could be if they where electric. Just imagine, a electric BMW M5. The car is already fantastic, amazing handling, suspension, etc. Just take out all the complicated IC stuff and put in an electric motor, now that would be a special car. Or an electric Porsche, etc, etc.
    There's a real opportunity for someone to showcase electric power even further by converting really good IC cars and showing just how good they could be with electric power.
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    I defer to Sparrow's experience, but AFAIK a car that's "great" as an ICE vehicle doesn't necessarily carry over all those qualities when converted. Just think of what you're doing to the center of gravity, for a start.
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    Brain H already mentioned the biggest draw back to electrifying an ICE vehicle.

    The other is the cost. It's around $3000 alone to get the motor and flange kit not including Regen...... then you still have to purchase the batteries and charging system, then you have to put in all the labor hours to remove the old and install the new. Then you have to do something for the power steering, A/C, heat, and all that other stuff that runs off the belts.
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    It's likely that another company would actually do the retailing of such an electrical drivetrain although the system may be Tesla designed. I think it's quite likely that some company will
    put together something like this but not aimed at high volume
    sales. I would like to have such a drivetrain to convert an older, classic car, like an Austin-Healey or 60's Corvette. An older car would be FAR, FAR easier to convert, since they lacked all the electronic junk we now have. Those cars would be a piece of cake to convert - I saw one where the owner simply pulled the engine and bolted an electric motor to the manual tranny, which I think he put into second gear, as I recall. No need for a clutch.
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    Agree with the old school conversions, plus the (gulp) kit car industry, who im sure would be a prime market
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    I doubt very much Tesla will ever put its name on any kit products. They may collaborate somewhat "behind the scenes" with some such maker/distributor, tho'.
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