Interesting new graphene technologies

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The first is the layering of graphene over a fine metal grid, perhaps aluminum, onto any flexible substrate, even plastic. Much cheaper and more robust "touch screens" should result. No iridium required!

The second is "armchair" graphene nanotubes: "Armchair carbon nanotubes that behave like metals could revolutionize electric power systems, large and small, the researchers said. Wires made from them are predicted to conduct electricity 10 times better than copper, with far less loss, at a sixth the weight."

Both for power transmission and for (e.g.) windings in electric motors, this sounds revolutionary.


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    I wrote a month or two back about those graphene techs. It really sounds one miracle substance, can be just about anything you want. A very strong surface material, light reflector or transparent or absorbent, electric conductor or insulator, heat resistor or conductor etc.

    Just finding way to make them without too much cost is a challenge. Once they can be made relatively cheaply they will revolutionize just about everything from computing to building construction. For cars practically everything in it could be made of it, windows to structural panels to wiring to computer chips, even axles that turn the wheels and wheel rims could be made from it.

    One cool thing is that that is just carbon. Material itself can't get much more common than that.
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