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How long is Powerwall waiting list?

I am thinking to install the powerwall. How long is the waiting list? In order to take advantage of the tax credit this year, do I need to get it installed by the end of this month? Thanks


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    Don't worry too much about the tax credit. It only drops from 30% to 26%... there is no waiting list that I know off, just find an installer who has availability...
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    I had to wait about 3 months May-Aug 2019) for my install. Backlog may be the installer or the equipment. Installer told me up front the Powerwalls may be delivered later, but they showed up on time.
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    I ordered mine in June and just got it commissioned. I’m told there is quite a wait in California.
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    Mine (2 powerwalls, existing solar) took about 2 months in January-March 2019. Colleague in Santa Cruz ordered 8kW solar + 2 powerwalls in early October 2019 and his system was live and fully functional on December 10. My son (also NorCal) ordered 3 powerwalls (existing solar) in mid-October 2019 and is still in design phase - no estimated install date. Son in Hawaii ordered 4kW solar + 1 powerwall in November 2019 and is still in design phase with install estimated for Feb-March.
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    One more colleague in Los Altos with existing solar ordered 1 powerwall in November. Still in design phase. Install estimate is January-February.
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    Through 3rd party installer, agreement executed on Oct 10, 4 PowerWalls started installation on Nov 25.

    Solar panel installation took over a week (44 panels on a Spanish tile roof).

    Waiting for utility to provide Permission To Operate (likely swamped reviewing a lot of solar installations by year end).

    Note that the tax credit only applies to PowerWalls being installed for use with solar panels. Stand alone PowerWalls won't qualify for the tax credit. And if you claim the credit, you are restricted from charging the panels from the grid for 5 years.
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    Nor Cal, existing solar, Powerwall ordered Oct 10, design began Oct 12,still waiting for permit and installation. No ETA.
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    I ordered (in northern CA) 11/6/19. It made it through design in a couple of weeks. Mid December they said it was not going to be done by the end of the year as I was hoping/requesting. I just got to the final “ready to install” step today (1/8/20) and when I called to schedule the install they said the first availability was 4/9/20 :(
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    avez vous des infos a me communiquer pour faire un devis chez moi dans le sud ouest de la France?
    Je ne connais pas de professionnel qui fasse des installations de toit solaire Tesla
    Merci par avance de vos retour
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    I wish I knew enough French to let "ericboutin" know that this is a *customer* site, the dominant language is English, and for questions about solar in France, he should call a local (to France) Tesla number. The same applies if he is from Montreal, although I would suspect that a Montreal native would also be able to speak and write in English.
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    @acastal-oh no! I’ll be in the same boat. I wonder what I’ll get first, my Model Y or the Powerwall
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    @trixiew I'm in the same boat (both model Y and PWs on order). Does anyone know if there is there any discount for the batteries if you own a vehicle or the other way around? I asked my sales rep but did not hear back.
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    No discount.
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    @acastal, are you in an area that was involved in the past PGE wildfire power shut off? During that time, Elon tweeted that he would give a 1000 discount to those of us who were. It wasn’t offered when I ordered, but when I brought it up I got the discount.
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    Northern California. Ordered medium solar and 2 Powerwalls early November. Powerwall and solar installers came 12/30. Solar installed. Powerwalls still in boxes in my garage but scheduled to come out tomorrow1/13/30 to complete. Fingers crossed.
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    Northern California. Ordered medium solar and 2 Powerwalls early November. Powerwall and solar installers came 12/30. Solar installed. Powerwalls still in boxes in my garage but scheduled to come out tomorrow1/13/30 to complete. Fingers crossed.
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    @trixiew I did loose power and am in the affected PGE shutoff area. I was told when I ordered (right after the power came back on) that the 1K discount was only if you ordered both PW and solar (I already have solar). :(
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    Northern CA. Ordered November 5 direct from Tesla, one Powerwall (existing 5.4 kW system installed 10 years ago). Install originally scheduled for December 10 but postponed by Tesla due to scheduling issue until January 2. Install took a day plus 3 hours the next day. Asked about the $1k discount at time of order but was also told it only applied to PW and solar combined install. Ready for any future PG&E's PSPS's (Public Safety Power Shutoffs).
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    Before installing understand that a Powerwall can become a brick if it isn't constantly connected to the internet and that recovering function after an interruption cant take a while. Support is really overbooked. It kind of limits the system's utility.
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    MY PWs run fine when not connected to the Web. I can connect directly to their UI via their built-in WAP when the Web goes down, which often happens during a grid failure. Switchover to the batteries is near instantaneous, and switching back takes time because the TEG is constantly monitoring the grid frequency and voltage to ascertain stability. Once grid stability is verified, the TEG will re-establish a connection to the grid.

    I don't know where you got your "...can become a brick if it isn't constantly connected to the internet..." stuff, as that is not accurate, plus, the PWs reconnect to the grid just as they are designed to do.
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    Wow. It took me a year from order to install because of back order status on PWs when I ordered. Was worth the wait though. Love the system. My power bill for the entire first year after install was $240. My bill used to average $390 per month...!
    Live in Florida with a 10.kwh system and two power walls.
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    Disappointed. I ordered 2 Powerwalls in November and still no signs of delivery. I don't mine the delay so much as the lack of communications with Tesla. I have called and emailed many, many times to get my status or estimated time of installation. No response back my Tesla Advisor when emailed.
  • It has been two weeks since I ordered (March 4, 2020), but have not heard from anyone! I tried to do the self-survey, but could only find a link on Google. When I had filled out that entire survey and hit "Submit" I got an error message about a time-out from 2019, so I guess the form has to be sent to me personally before it can be a valid submmital (?). STILL WAITING for contact!. NOT a good way to do business. Is this a Tesla company or not?
    Should I just contact a local installer instead of dealing thru Tesla?
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    Ordered in October, permitted in Jan, had instal date for next Thursday. They just called, rescheduled for June 23rd. Had to cancel due to the shelter in place order here.

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    I am a huge Tesla fan. I have a pre-order for a CyberTruck, Semi, I have an X P100D, and I am absolutely aghast at the energy side of Tesla. It's a god damned shit show. I've been trying to get ahold of my advisor for weeks. My order was cancelled with no explanation and despite about a dozen attempts, I've got no response (including phone calls and emails). This is my second advisor after the first advisor completely dropped the ball last year (when I was trying to get at least the solar installed by the end of the year).

    I see a lot of people on the site who have support issues post-installation and if the pre-sale "support" is any indication then I would recommend that anyone and everyone steer widely clear of Tesla Energy until they get their game together.
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