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How long is Powerwall waiting list?



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    Just noticed that Powerwalls have apparently been removed from the Tesla web site - are they no longer available in the US?
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    @Patrick - With NY and Nevada factories mostly shut down due to COVID, not sure they want more orders on the book right now. As soon as the factories start up, I expect it would be available again.

    @TeslaTechie - Sorry for the problems. For me, pre-sales, installation, and post-installation went smoothly. This was over December through February, where we had a number of rain delays that pushed it out about 4 weeks. Tesla and I didn't want to remove the roof until we had at least a week of no rain.

    I think I made maybe 10 calls to Tesla about various items along the way, and all but one time they answered the call without any hold time and took care of the issues. The one time they were busy and called me back the next day on a non-urgent item.

    Energy and roof installations are so much more complex than just buying a car - and every installation is different, with different local regulations and inspection processes. Tesla dealt with it all, far better than I expected.
  • Don't worry too much about the tax credit. It only drops from 30% to 26%... there is no waiting list that I know off, just find an installer who has availability...
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    My son (Nor Cal) has a 10kW solar and ordered 3 PW back in October. Been thru the picture/configure process and had an initial install date in January, been kicked down the road a couple of times - now scheduled for mid-May. Other son (Hawaii) ordered 4kW + 1 powerwall at same time - completed inspections and pre-permit process and most recently had April install on the books - expect it to be delayed as well.
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    Thanks for the info and link. Might add a fourth wall to our system.
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    Anyone ordered a Powerwall 2 in France? I tried last month and the only message I can get back is that they will let me know when the "product is available in territory". Looking at some of the delays might need to get some other system and then bolt it on when and if it ever arrives.
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    Ordered 2 PW May 5,2020 ... contract says install /complete 4 to 6 months ...
  • Yup. Did a massive remodel in coastal So CA. New e-panel enabled solar and EV chargers. Unfortunately, I was limited to a 200A feed by our utility (SCE) unless I wanted to spend many tens of thousands of dollars more for a new feed.

    My goal was to keep total household energy costs below $100 a month. This includes electricity, natural gas and gasoline. With super efficient everything, EVs, PV and Powerwalls, we got there two years ago.

    Now, with the cost of all forms of energy sure to increase, keeping it there will be a challenge.
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    New Jersey is much longer - we were on waiting list for over a year after putting down a $500 deposit. We just asked for a refund in February this year, which is we expect to receive shortly. We may still go with powerwall in the future but are looking at other options now - powerwall is a great option, but too long of a wait in our area.
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    I have 3 Red Powerwalls and a Gateway if anyone needs them sooner as I am selling them and not installing. $5k per founders edition powerwall. $800 for gateway Dave. 508 733 1654

    Located in Massachusetts
    Pickup or delivery is possible.
    I have interest already so be quick.
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    update (May 7,2020..location Calif) i ordered 2 Powerwalls on may 7 ... the contract stated work would start/finish 4 to 6 months a call this week and install will be end of July ...
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    I am selling my new, still in the box Powerwall 2 with Backup Gateway including all associated hardware. Needs installation within 9 months of this posting for the 10 year warranty to be enabled. I will not be installing it at my current residence, and my installation schedule may exceed the required timeframe to validate the warranty so I'm selling it. The Tesla project manager I've worked with will assist the new owner with arranging installation. Located in the greater Seattle WA area; buyer will need to arrange transportation. It's happily waiting on its pallet for a new home - $6900. p o n t i o 4 2 8 @ g m a i l . c o m
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    Placed the order on March 4, still waiting on the lone Powerwall to be installed. . .
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    Canji is it still for sale? I just sent off email
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    I ordered a full solar system and with 3 Wall Power Batteries in October 2019; with hopes that I can get it installed in 2019 and take advantage of the rebates. I didn't get anything until February, then they asked to separate the order which I declined. They said they'd prioritize my order because I started getting frustrated due to delays. They changed my service advisor like 4-5 times, and kept getting delayed. I wasn't calling and screaming but was being patient.

    Then it was delayed so much, COVID-19 hit and that created further delays, due to lock down. After lockdown was lifted, my house visit survey got delayed 4 more times. Then they finally came in June for the survey. This time, they said my roof requires upgrade but there was disagreement within Tesla if it requires or not. Then they sent another roof surveyor. And I still haven't heard back. I checked back in the Tesla showroom and they said they'd get back to me immediately and it has been almost 6 days with no answer.

    With HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT, I cancelled my order today! This is how a great company looses LOYAL Tesla customers. Pardon my passion, but they are great in Technology, Software and building Vehicles (I own Model X and Model 3) but horrible in Customer Service.
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    @ike.cark - I had delays as well, but mostly due to rain at the end of the year. I squeed in just ahead of COVID, but like many companies, I suspect Tesla is still dealing with major backlogs due to closedowns. Customer service has been great the entire time. I even had one minor issue, and a tech was sent out within a week from my call in the middle of the COVID lockdown.

    Sorry, you abandoned your roof. Every roofing project is different and has its challenges. Sounds like your roof was not an ideal candidate. Still, you might try some local solar contractors. Many can install traditional solar panels with Powerwalls.
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    My Powerwall 2 is still for sale; initial post on July 8th
  • Was just informed our PowerWall 2 order from Feb 2020 has been pushed out with an ETA of Q1 2021. The Walls were promised for delivery in June 2020 and now in August we are told while mid installation it will be 2021. Not sure who is managing inventory and production at Tesla but they may want to find another occupation since there forecasting skills are lacking. There was plenty of time to warn in June of a delay and blame COVID however Tesla chose to go silent and leave sales rep in the dark. Suggestion that Tesla alert customers before delivery can’t be made not a month after. Now our entire install is a mess and requiring significant rework. I hope things get straightened out even if just from communication improvements or I fear Tesla will see many go to competitors.
  • I ordered 2 powerwalls (existing solar) in early July 2020. It’s now Sept and I’m still waiting. No estimated start dates, no updates of any kind.
  • I had to wait over three months before Tesla contacted me to install two PWs with existing PV. That was in late 2018. I'd expect wait times now to be much worse.
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    I have an 11 panel SolarCity system with a 20 year lease prepaid by the house builder. I am adding a small Tesla system (12 panels) and a powerwall. Ordered 8/9/20 and scheduled for install this Friday, 9/11/20. We shall see.
  • rossman, I'd start calling to verify NOW. Well, maybe tomorrow. It's Labor Day after all.
  • Greg, a Tesla lead installer showed up a few days ago to scope out my install job and confirmed install is still on for 9/11. I think I got the early install date from someone who had that date and backed out or changed their date. Right after my permit was signed off, I went to the scheduling page and only one day in August was available, 3 days later?? I was not ready as I had not started my HOA paperwork so I had to bail out on that date. The next available data was the only one available in Sept (11th), so I took that. It seems they are booked out quite a ways but some cancellations due occur that allowed me to get the job done much earlier than I expected. Ordered 8/9, install due 9/11. Northern CA, PG&E.
  • That's a very good response time. Stay on top of the installation, especially to discuss conduit routing, before they get started. Some crews tend to try to make the shortest runs possible, with aesthetics a secondary consideration. Make sure they understand that aesthetics is a primary consideration.

    Also make sure the system is tested off-grid, you can see it on the app, and you're shown how to access the TEG's internal WAP, before they leave.
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