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How long is Powerwall waiting list?



  • I ordered my 2 power walls back in February 2020 and Tesla went dark on me. I emailed several times with no response. I called in June and a nice gentlemen helped me get access to some additional items that "were needed" to move forward with my order. We are now in September and I've yet to hear anything again. I'm about ready to just give up my $100 non-refundable down payment.
  • I have about lost my patience, and NEVER would have thought this of Tesla. I ordered 2 Powerwalls 3 years and 3 months ago. After many inquiries and exchanges, Tesla finally got around to training and certifying an installer in my area earlier this year. I've submitted all documents and photos requested on my order page, the installer has inspected my setup, and gave me an estimate, requesting an 80% deposit to order the hardware from Tesla. I paid that deposit a month ago, and the installer submitted the order. Now the Tesla regional manager tells me that they would be able to ship that hardware until February at the earliest. This is RIDICULOUS! Literally YEARS of waiting, thousands of dollars paid, yet I still have to wait many months more? UNACCEPTABLE! WTF?
  • I just ordered 4 Powerwalls yesterday. I guess I'll just cancel and get my deposit back. I was told by Tesla rep that i would be good to have them installed in the next couple of months and get the ITC credit of 26%. Spoke to another rep and they told me there's is no way I will get them until sometime in the first half of 2021. You guys sound like you have been through hell with the waiting. If you guys waited that long I'm going to just cancel my order. I know there is a lot of interest in back up solutions right now but I thought Tesla built a huge facility to crank out batteries.

    They are going to lose a lot business because they cant figure out to provide service and fulfillment.
  • @Dp, I'm sure that's disappointing. It is hard to lose much business when the demand exceeds supply. Tesla is trying to build more factories as fast as it can and expand the Nevada GF. As capacity reaches new levels, more people want Tesla cars and Powerwalls.

    Many companies solve the short-term over-demand problem by raising prices. If Tesla doubled the price of the Powerwall, 50% of the orders would disappear and they could easily satisfy demand. I like that Tesla hasn't taken gone that route, but it makes for long delays.

    Then again, I'm not the best example. I ordered my first Tesla car in 2009 and waited 4 years to get it. For me, it was worth getting the best. Powerwalls were much faster. When ordered last year, they were installed in less than 4 months along with a new solar roof. Two months of that were rain delays.
  • @TT - with all those fires, bet you Californians wish those rains would come back. Bummer.
  • Strangely we had rain 2 days ago, but not enough to help put out fires. The weather has gone totally nuts! Normally zero rain from May to November.
  • I have been waiting on 2 powerwalls for 6 months
    Tesla went dark on me
  • Did you put down a deposit or fully fund? Any guesses why the holdup? Battery shortage?
  • Here's another data point. I ordered a Powerwall on Nov 23, 2019. I just had the system inspected today. My wife and I are very happy with it. It works as advertised. But the process did try my patience a bit seeing as it took close to a year.
  • Where do you all live to where you have to wait months or years for a PW? I didn't have to wait for mine
  • Did you get yours during this COVID fiasco?
  • > @gregbrew_98470014 said:
    > Did you get yours during this COVID fiasco?

    Yes. Ordered in August. Installation completed in September. PTO in November.

    Yes it took 2 months for my utility company to grant PTO. They took full advantage of the 45 business day state law.
  • Wow. My solar PV PTO, in late '15/early '16 took about two weeks, including a snafu. My PW PTO in early '19 took about two months. Fortunately, the PWs were left already up and running by Tesla at installation, so PTO was a non-event.

    Anything over a couple of weeks is ridiculous.
  • It took me about 9 weeks after signing. About 3 weeks of that were delays due to weather. Keep in mind these are 250 lb beasts, it requires permits to install, and the Tesla installation team to deliver and install. It's not like it can be dropped off in your mailbox. I understand Tesla more recently has been giving priority to those in high-risk areas of fire caused power outages, which may delay some in other areas.
  • In the Austin area, took ~5 weeks from $100 deposit to power on.
  • I have had solar panel puchased from Solar City (which was purchased by Tesla) for about 10 years. I placed my Powerwall order with Tesla using their website on April 9, 2020 and received final Permission to Operate from APS (my utility company) on Nov 9, 2020 ... so 7 months total project time.
  • Well, I ordered my 16.32 kW Solar, 4 Powerwalls system in early/mid August. I still have no install date, the home assessment was completed Oct. 8th. I call asking about a status update. All I get is that I will reach out to utilities and hear nothing back. Followed up twice over the past two weeks. Crickets. Happy I am absolutely not.
  • I have been wating since april 2020
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