Q for Elon Musk: What do you think about Yuneec International - electric airplane manufacturer YUNEE

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I just would like to ask Elon what do you think about the electric airplane manufacturer Yuneec International with electric airplane called YUNEEC e430. Because i know you mentioned that you would like to build an electric airplane.


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    I hope they focus on bringing Model S to the road. Perhaps Tesla will sell their supreme lightweight/energy density power pack to airplane manufacturer?
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    Elon has speculated about what his next dream project would be: electric STOL passenger plane able to fly to the other side of the globe is one possibility.
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    When I first read your comment I got STOL confused with SSTO which would be rather magical done purely electrically.

    Maybe DPF could be used to create enough thrust and impulse in upper atmosphere once you get there, but that wouldn't be "electric" in its conventional sense.
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    I don't think Elon has posited the specifics of the energy source, but I believe he is thinking batteries. Next gen, with 10X the energy density?
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