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Viewing sentry mode videos live?

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So I was wondering would it be possible to have a tablet that also has a partition formatted to work for tesla sentry view and then have a sentry view app running on the tablet to be able to view the videos nearly immediately? Would something like this work or is it not possible to have the car read a specific drive?


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    I simply use a USB flash drive Duo (type C) and plug the USB into my mobile. U can see the sentry mode videos immediately in your mobile.
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    @contact, now that video viewing is available on the screen I would expect it will only be a matter of time before viewing sentry mode/dash cam video is implemented.

    After all whatever storage device you are using is plugged into a data port, no different than for listening to music, so I don't see it a big leap to recognize the folders and files for video in a similar manner.
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    Yeah, someday will probably be viewable in car. That will be nice!
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