Tesla batteries in Toyota RAV4 EV - More Info Please!

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Toyota has been really quiet about their new RAV4 EV, except to mention a few things: Ships in 2012, Plug-in vehicle with range of 80 - 120 miles, Tesla supplied battery below floor. Big question, will this be a pure Electric Vehicle or a plug-in Toyota hybrid tricked out with lithium batteries? If Toyota goes the plug-in hybrid route, this could steal all the Chevy Volt thunder. Just imagine, 100mi battery only, plus 350 mile total range? If pure EV, then it would steal the thunder from Nissan Leaf due to passenger space and hauling ability. Who knows?


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    The RAV4 is all electric, and will likely stay that way. Toyota merely asked Tesla to give the electronics an overhaul as part of the deal where Tesla got their factory.

    I do agree that some more info would be welcome, but it's likely that Toyota must provide it,since it's their car, and Tesla are probably not allowed to 'leak' information on it.
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    I was at a media event that Toyota hosted, and their VP in charge of RAV4-EV development said that in real-life testing (just employees driving the cars like normal) the cars were getting 80-120 miles, and they hoped to boost that 10% or more before shipping the cars.

    It will definitely have more room than the Leaf. But I'm sure it will be significantly more expensive, if they sell it at all. And if you can get one. I suspect it will be a pretty limited lease. Which is too bad; they could be really popular.
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    Toyota is smart. They've been king of the Hybrid car game for 10 years. Now it appears that plug-in cars may be a new game. They have invested in Tesla in order to stay close to the "King of the Plug-In", just in case this is where the industry is headed.

    Out the gate, they'll have a proven battery pack and a proven drive train in a sensible, popular, affordable vehicle "RAV4". I think Toyota can price it under $35K so as to be competitive with the Leaf.

    Whether or not anybody will be able to get one in 2012 is another story.

    btw - still waiting for "Revenge of the Electric Car" on DVD.
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    Considering the anemic sales of the Volt and the Leaf, Toyota is probably not expecting to have to go to three shifts on their production line. I agree that it will better the Leaf.
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    Toyota has every opportunity to make the RAV4 EV a better vehicle than the Leaf. For one, they've done it before (9 years ago), also, they are teamed with Tesla and will have an awesome battery and powertrain. Don't know about pricing. Maybe ~$36K?

    I'm seeing a lot of Leafs on the road now in California. Not many Volts. Neither can keep up with demand. I suppose Toyota won't be able to meet demand in 2012 either.

    The January 2012 Auto Shows should be really interesting.
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    Read an article on CarBuzz that RAV4 EV will likely NOT be offered for private owners, only for fleet vehicle contracts...
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    If true, that's too bad. Maybe they figure they couldn't (or don't want to) manufacture enough of them to meet the demand by the general public.
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    Not true. That was an incorrect report that went viral on the web on 7/18. Corrections were issued all over the web today 7/21. The RAV4 EV with Tesla's battery and powertrain WILL be available to the general public. Not a bad city car for commuting and making Home Depot runs. However, for $25K more, the Model S is still a better choice for me.
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