Model 3

Mid-range Supercharging speed

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Any mid-range charging faster than 120kw? I thought update 2019.36.1 was going to increase the speed. I’m on 2019.36.2.1 but still only getting 120kw.


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    Is the supercharger that you are using capable of more than 120? I have an AWD and I've never seen more than 120.
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    I try several this weekend at 150kw but 120kw was the max. They are opening a 250kw near me but won’t help if I can’t get pass 120kw. I read articles about the sr+ and midrange charging now to 170 and 200 with the latest update.
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    What’s your SOC?
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    I *think* I've read that the increased speed was initially part of 2019.36.x, but that portion was pulled out and moved to 2019.40.x. I don't have a MR or SR/+, so I can't confirm that for sure, but it may not be pushed out yet to the masses.
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    "What’s your SOC?"

    Reason for that question is Model 3 battery, at least the one in the LR AWD model, will only take max charge for first 32% of battery capacity and then the car reduces the accepted charge rate pretty quickly. Unless you are under 30%, the car may not take the 120kW even if the charger can deliver it.
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