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Daily Phantom Drain Reduced?

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Anybody else seeing a reduction in their phantom drain? For the past week the daily phantom drain on my M3+ is down. Usually I have seen a reduction of 2-7 miles per day from my overall capacity. Now, 4 days have gone by and barely 2 miles TOTAL is showing as being reduced. I'm on software version 36.2.3.


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    I meant to say a week has gone by and not 4 days
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    Could be anything. Did the change happen just after you installed 36.2.3? Did you change any settings? Has the outside temp where you park changed significantly? Have you been parking in the same place?
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    @lemrock absolutely. I used to see exactly the same loss as you reported. I just returned from a vacation and was pleasantly surprised that I only lost about 6 miles in approximately 10 days (and that includes a software update).
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    Just downloaded 36.2.4 I was losing about 10 a day on 36.2.1
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