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model 3 SR+ battery charging issues

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My SR+ is having issue lately. I normally charge to 80% and since the max range is 240 miles, I expect to get 192 miles. But that number has been going down hill lately. When I first got the car 6 month ago, 80% give me 192 miles and then started going down to 184 miles, 182 miles and now 174 miles.

My car is very new and only has around 3K+ miles. Is the battery going bad already? Has anyone experience this issue on their SR+?



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    Your battery is fine.
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    Read this response from Tesla on the non-issue here.
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    It’ll get better in the spring. First child syndrome.
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    Junk the car. It is shit.
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    9% Range loss is a bit steep for 6 months/3,000 miles.

    Tesla sometimes tells people to do a deep discharge followed by a 100% charge to "re calibrate the software". You can try that to see what Tesla tells you is your rated range at 100% battery capacity. That will give you an idea of your battery degradation to date.

    StatsApp for Tesla has a nice Battery Degradation curve it gets from the car and another app that does a comparison of your car to other Model 3's.

    Here's a screen shot of my Battery Degradation curve per Tesla

    Here's a screen shot of where my car is vs. other cars "with similar odometer values".
  • Are you in a colder climate by chance?
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    Did this happen to anyone?
    It’s been 8 months since I got the car. I car rarely ever go below 20% and charge it most of the time to 90%.
    The first when I got the car I charged to 100% to check the batteries rated km and it was 374km.
    Now after 8months and 20k km I get 355km at 100%.
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    Do you work for service?
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    @Thunderrider. Yes it happened to my SR+ as well. I believe it was after an update. My climate doesn't vary much. I asked service through app if I had perhaps been accidentally downgraded to an SR with lower range. Their response was that I had not been downgraded. That they had made some changes to preserve battery life. And all was good and normal. Now when I use the Tesla app -> Charging and move slider to full charge - my estimate shows 229 miles.
  • Thunderrider,

    I have no affiliation with Tesla other than as an owner and enthusiast. Your concern is addressed in the FAQ provided by Tesla. What you are describing is normal. If there is a problem with your battery, the car will notify you.
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    The support page on range, at least the part on why estimated range is less than expected (which is what this thread is about) isn’t really helpful. I’m sure the lawyers (or beancounters) weighed in on the text, and never defined what can be expected in terms of “decrease slightly” and how many months are included in “the first few months”. Also what to expect for what is meant by “gradual, but natural, decrease in range” “over time”. I mean I get it they need to cover a wide range of how the car is driven, charging habits, climate and all of that so it is hard to be specific. I just charged to 100% last week and I got 210 on my SR+ (240 when new) with 12K miles and 1 year of ownership. The range has only gone down, never up like some LR owners have experienced. When you read some posts that claim 1% degradation over multiple years and 50K miles, it does make you wonder. But as they say YMMV, and who’s to say how much is real degradation vs BMS miscalculation? I will say the deep cycling has never made a difference for me. Bottom line unless it goes over 30% in 8 years, there’s not much you can do, except enjoy the car. Oh unless the car notifies me at some point, wonder if that has ever happened to anyone yet?
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