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Hello Tesla friends,

Please provide your thoughts and suggestions.

I purchased my Model S on Sept 28th, 2019. Due to a miscommunication I overpayed the invoice by $150. Due to a lack of experience by the Tesla delivery employees, I overpayed by $300 for my Florida DMV auto registration transfer.

I was told at time of delivery that I would receive a refund check in 30 days. I have received nothing. This multiple month delay in refund is very unprofessional.

I have been in contact with multiple Tesla people and none of their statements have been accurate.

It seems silly, but Should I file a small claims case just to get their attention?

I'm surprised I have to resort to a support forum. Please provide advice on who I can communicate this issue to to resolve in a reasonable amount of time.

Cheers to all!



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    Sorry for the problem you're having. Only owners here. Have you tried to go back tot he gallery/store and talk to the salesperson in person or maybe escalate with the manager?
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    I did communicate with multiple managers. Everyone seems so busy, and I realize my issue is low priority, but...

    I'm happy to report I received two checks from Tesla for full refund in the mail today.

    Much appreciated.

    I feel foolish for posting to this forum on the same day I get the refund checks.

    I wonder what I could have done better to avoid the delays.

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    @skybluewater, As its creator, you can delete this thread.

    Hamm's Beer reference? :-)
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