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Will 19" wheels cause any problems?

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I have a 2016 MS 90D that currently has 19" TSS wheels from T Sportline with Blizzak snow tires.

On Thursday, I am picking up a MX Raven Performance. I will be trading in my '16 MS in the transaction.

My plan is to put the OEM 22" wheels and tires back on the MS before trading it in. Then, I will put the 19" TSS wheels on the MX along with a new set of 265/50R-19 Blizzaks that fit the MX.

The folks at T Sportline and the local tire shop said this should work. But I'm wondering if running 19" wheels on the MX, which comes stock with 20" wheels, will cause any problems with autopilot/cameras, etc.?

Would it be better to just sell the 19" TSS wheels and snow tires together, and get new 20" wheels and tires? I'd end up spending more $$ but if it is safer/better/won't cause problems I'm open to it.



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    I have a Model X Raven. I have done exactly what you are considering. I got a set of 4 19” wheels from my friend’s ~ 2016 Model S and had them mounted with 19” snow tires Nokian Tire HAKKAPELIITTA R2 SUV 265/50-19. Nokian recommends this tire (currently R3 version) for the Model X. Tesla sells a 19” wheel and tire for the Model X. Tire Rack recommends a 19” wheel and snow tire over a 20” wheel & snow tire for the Model X. So far everything seems to be fine.
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    Curious if the the rims from MS 19" strong enough to handle the weight of MX??? I was thinking about doing the same thing but the advisor expressed concerns about the strengths of the MS wheels....

    2016 MS weights 4600+ lb and the new MX weights 6700+ lb!!! I would be very concern compromising the MX with the wheels that are designed to handle almost 2,000 lb lighter vehicles... at least I would not try to save $2000 and compromise the safety of my family... IMHO 19" MS wheels may work in a normal driving scenarios, but when the loading is heavy or maneuvering under special circumstances - the MS wheels may be compromised.
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    forgot to mention Tesla also sells a set of Model X 19" wheels.....
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