Model 3

Dashcam icon has disappeared from the screen

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Since the software update last week, the dashcam icon has disappeared from the screen. I removed the USB stick which had been working fine, reformatted it and put it back in to no avail. I also tried multiple other USB sticks. The sentry mode is also not working. Anyone with the same issues? Any advice? Software also updated last night, but didn’t fix the issue.


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    Scroll wheel reboot with the USB drive inserted into one of the data ports.
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    Sorry, forgot to mention that I tried that. 3 times!
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    Tried it again in both USB ports. No bueno. The other strange thing that I noticed is that when I click on the USB icon on the bottom of the screen, it shows 0 MB/ 0 Songs. It seems like the car is looking for songs on the USB.
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    Do you have the correct folder for the dash cam on the drive? Is it formatted to FAT32? Have you tried a 4 minute shutdown from the service menu, i.e. Service menu> power down> wait 3 to 4 minutes>step on the brake to restart?
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    FAT32 yes, the rest, I will try. Thanks!
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    Resolved! When I erased and re-formatted the disk, I forgot to create the TeslaCam folder. I don't know why it stopped working to begin with, but it's all good now. Thank you! Tesla phone support was useless.
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