Why does the Tesla Shop use Fed-ex?

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Fed-ex is much slower than USPS in my area. I've had Fed-ex deliveries regularly taking over a week.

Update1: I have an order that was shipped using Fed-ex a week ago. This Saturday when it was to be delivered the date disappeared. I checked and it was stuck in Indiana. I'm still waiting for an expected delivery date.

Even with bad weather with other companies, I've never had to wait so long.

Update2: Just received the late package today (Wednesday-18th).


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    its not fedex that is slowing down your delivery
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    The main reason? It is probably cost. It is cheaper to ship Fedex ground compared to UPS ground.

    ...And you are correct, Fedex ground seems to be slower than UPS in my experience also. They seem to route things a more roundabout way than UPS does.

    USPS is typically faster because they ship more stuff.
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    and how is Tesla Shop supposed to know that USPS would be faster.?
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    At least they don't use DHL, formerly (USA) known as "Airborne Express."

    From the lack of delivery of critical computer parts for a hospital in the 1990's I branded them "Stillborn Express."

    But no worries, DHL continues the tradition of crappy service and lost packages.
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    I think it’s because of three reasons:
    1. If you compare transit maps on and, FedEx is faster in almost 30% of all lanes. USPS is still the slowest option
    2. FedEx is probably more price competitive than both at the level of Tesla’s volume
    3. Tesla wanted to align their brand with higher quality name.
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    Next; "Why are there no two hour deliveries in my region"

    People actually work excruciating conditions to fulfill those timelines. But i'm sure those items ordered are worth neo-slavery.
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    the primary delay is at tesla.
    I ordered a winter tire package 11/4 and have heard nothing since they billed my credit card.
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    This just in from Elmer Fudd:

    Be vewy, vewy careful! Use Fudd-Ex, when it absowoutley has to be there over-night.....huh.huh.huh.huh.huh.huh.
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    Fedex ground is not the same operations as Fedex express. They are completely different operations, including the delivery people, etc.
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