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Inventory car or ordered car? Help!

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Ok. On 12/3 we ordered a new Tesla MS, which should be ready for delivery by 12/31 (fingers crossed!). For some reason, when I price out the same vehicle now, it is $1200 less if we ordered it today. BUT there is an inventory MS with 398 miles on it, and a more expensive paint color, and more expensive wheels that is available for about $1000 less than what we are paying. Any thoughts? Obviously an inventory car will be eligible for the Federal rebate; and 398 miles does not seem like much. It’s listed as a 2019. Any chance we would be buying pre-raven? Older hardware? Any way to know?


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    The inventory car has pics I assume, one should show the build month. If it is made in late spring pretty sure it is a Raven.

    It may be the car is listed on EV CPO, and if so, all the option codes will be there.

    If the inventory car is say 6 months old, I would be inclined to go with the newer car...
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    Double check your pricing, the $1200 difference might be because you forgot to include the delivery fee in one case but not the other. If Tesla promised delivery by 12/31 but doesn’t make it, they might do something to make up for the lost tax credit (I think they did that last year).

    Other than that, if you like one car better than the other, and you confirm that the older one is a Raven, go for the one you like.
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