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Backup sensors on the X

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Love our X. Just a bit surprised frankly and posting this as a general FYI especially for owners with kids: the system for the backup sensors (X delivered in December 2018, 100D, FSD activated) is giving more importance (warning sound, longer beep) for a concrete wall or parked vehicle than to humans. Essentially, if I’m about to back up into a wall or a parked car, the system gives me the driver a long beeping sound (when very close and at a few feet, in addition to single beeps prior depending on distance) to warn me. Versus if I’m about to back up into a human (and probably a pet), it’s a single beep with a time lapse before the next single beep! The time lapse between beeps shortens when you get closer but not reflecting urgency at all (in my opinion) for the fact that it’s a human in the back! The long beeping sound in this situation only occurs when you’re at about approximately 6 to 8 inches of the human. Far from ideal in my opinion.


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    bigger footprint, louder warning
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    Any beep would have me checking the rear camera view regardless. My 2013 Model S has no sensors, so it’s better than nothing, as they say.
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    a brick wall is more of a danger to you and your car than a person
    these are the ethical questions that will come with FSD
    do you hit the person or the brick wall when faced with the choice?
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    @jimglas before I answer is the person Trump?
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    that tub of lard would cause a lot of damage. Much more than a person.
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