Elon Musk as a Speaker....what do you think?



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    Elon's hot, I could listen to him all day. Besides it's not his public speaking I care about it's his mind and the awesome things he is creating for this world.
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    Elon is a Stark contrast to his Ironman character to say the least when it comes to speaking.
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    Doogue, I think you have hit the nail on the head and have expressed your point well. I like Elon Musk. I like his ideas and I like his approach to marketing (focus on substance and let the chips fall where they may), but I do believe his halting, inarticulate, and impromptu speaking style gets in the way. It would be far better if he spent some time working on his delivery. If he is effective now, just think about how more effective he could be.
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    Elon is no eloquent orator. But the guy can get his message out just fine. He sounds more believing because he's just being him. I'd be nervous to speak in front of people too. The big thing is that he has the guts to go in front of thousands and speak about his company and vision. I'd take that over a smooth talker with a fake British who can bull shit his way through any speech.
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    I find him absolutely endearing.

    I can't believe that such a genius said in an interview that he decided to start his own company because he was too shy to ask for a job. When you listen to him, you know that he is telling the truth. He is still too shy. And absolutely charming at the same time.

    I have a very good BS detector and normally can tell when somebody is just faking competence. This guy doesn't have to fake it. He IS competent.
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    Elon is not the most polished speaker, but I think it works for him--he comes across as authentic. He has interesting thoughts and done interesting things, so folks are willing to look beyond the the rough delivery. I would much listen to Elon stumble through something than listen to some slick presenter blather on about nothing.

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    Well, Steve Jobs was one of a kind. I liked him and I like Elon just the way he is. He is very informal. Look at other CEOs...they are very polished speakers but you get bored after 1 minute.
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    I would like to engage with Mr. Musk (in his capacity as CEO of Tesla) as a speaker for an event on sustainable technologies in Qatar that we intend to host in Q3 or Q4 this year. How would I go about this?
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    Elon has a style that I would not recommend he change. However, he has some delivery difficulties that need to be changed. I recommend Toastmasters. Here's an invitation to my Toastmaster club, TGIF Management right here in Sunnyvale:

    Drop-ins welcome.
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    <b>Elon Musk, as a Speaker...</b>

    He strikes me as honest, sincere, dedicated, and very excited about the things he likes most.

    He is extremely intelligent, very knowledgeable, and absolutely sharp on all subjects he can discuss openly.

    He seems to do best when speaking one-on-one with a female interviewer. Next, he gets along well in a setting where he can speak to an audience of students. Because of that he would make a great lecturer, or educator, should he choose to take that path. He'd need really big classrooms though...

    He has learned the hard way that there are those who are perfectly willing to misquote him, or paraphrase what he says, in order to falsely portray what he wants to communicate. As a result, he is now more guarded during interviews. He is no longer quite as open when being questioned, even by Tesla Enthusiasts.

    There are far too many reporters who engage in the absolute worst form of <i>'journalism'</i> and simply cannot be trusted. There are way too many analysts, pundits, and other talking heads who are apt to call everything he says an absolute lie simply because their puny intellect cannot understand what he says. There are sharks in the water who would love to get him to reveal things in an untoward fashion so that Tesla Motors might be brought up on charges by the SEC.
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