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San Diego SDGE SGIP Program still alive?

I'm not clear whether SDGE customers can get the SGIP rebate for a residential battery system. Are we under step 2 incentives, or have they all dried up? Trying to figure out how much a PW or similar battery tech will cost me.


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    SB 700 allocated more money to energy storage projects. However, the California Utilities Commission decided very recently (12/11/2019) to allocate these incentives based on financial (low income), health (illness) and fire areas. So, only certain geographical areas, low income and sick customers will receive them:
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    Thanks..that's very helpful. Sounds like SGIP for the average household is a thing of the past.
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    You have to read section 5.1.2 of the decision. They approved Step 6 ($0.20/Wh) and Step 7 ($0.15/Wh) thru 2025.
    There are currently 1380 applications on waiting list.That is a little bit more than $7Mil (assuming $5200 for 2 PWs). Total Budget is $57Mil for 5 years.
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    Yes, I saw that. The budget is so small ($56M) compared to the equity resiliency budget of $515M... $56M is about $2700 per PowerWall for ~20,000 units. But that’s for the whole state of California. We don’t know how much money will be allocated to San Diego and SDGE...
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    NorCal will probably get most of the funds because of the fires ...
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