Tesla now in CT!!!!! Well, to lease cars...

Tesla has found a loophole in CT law that is big enough to fit a Tesla semi load of cars through.......

CT law bars a manufacturer from selling directly to consumers. However that law says nothing about leases...... Why? Because leasing didn’t exist when the laws were written........:-)

The DMV in CT has granted Tesla a license to lease cars and do test drives for people that are interested in leasing. The local dealers are pissed to say the least. Here is an article that was just posted. Full disclosure, I was interviewed for the article.

Perhaps Tesla can try this angle in other states.


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    “Local dealers are pissed to say the leased”

    FTFY ;)
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    At this point I don’t know what deal if any was made with our DMV. Who I think will be pissed off the most will be the luxury brand dealers like Benz and BMW since a very large number of their customers lease cars. So now the playing field is pretty level. At moment though, even leased cars will still need to be delivered in NY.
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    It's great that they can do test driving there. Just some more people seeing that green driving can be fun - in fact better, then gas burners.
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    Service center opened in the capital district NY this year as well. Something good must have happened with NYS! This is all great news.
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    The absolute beauty to this is it will be like a full blown Tesla store that can sell cars. They just can’t talk about financing because that is the only difference between buying and leasing.
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    It’s these types of tactics that have completely turned me off from dealers ever again. I wish Tesla would do the same in Michigan.
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    Each state’s laws are written different. For example in MA the dealers went to court to stop Tesla saying T.I. was an unfair competitive advantage to have a manufacture sell directly to consumers and that would severely hurt their businesses.

    The judge didn’t buy that argument because the law states that a franchisor (car company)can not sell directly to consumers if they have a franchisee (dealer) since it would be in direct competition. Tesla doesn’t have any franchisees in MA, so there for the law doesn’t apply.
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