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Hi, I am a student at the University of Exeter studying in my final year for a BA in Geography. For my dissertation project I have decided to look at the use of electric cars, their perceptions by both owners and non-owners and their links with the representation of owner identity.

Tesla are awesome and i'm trying to obtain interview samples from a variety of types of electric - the roadster clearly being the sports car owner - in order to understand the draws to various types of electric.

To cut short, I am looking for owners to partake in a short interview, advocating their use of electrics, their purchase motives and their identity links with their vehicles. If anyone has any interest please reply to this forum post or alternatively, email [email protected]

An interview with a Tesla Roadster owner would be the ultimate achievement, so if you have an interest in contributing towards a project that aims to get electrics into the forefront of vehicle technology, please let me know!!

Thanks, Lowell


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    hi Lowell, I work in London live in Kent, but I'd be happy to contribute to your project, as I am sure others will be. I will e-mail you.
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    Just a word to the wise: in discussing and "selling" the project to the Tesla owners, eschew the use of academic terminology like "links with the representation of owner identity."

    To those not in the loop, it comes across as ... well, let's just say unreal, unpersuasive and pretentiously abstract.

    You will find owners very interested to talk about why they chose their cars. Leave it at that (Stop at the "yes") and do the interviews. Speaking as a (long-ago) psych major with some interviewing experience, I assure you that you will bias and distort responses by communicating much about your goals and hypotheses.

    Keep It Simple, S......
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