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Tesla Solar must be BUSY!!

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WOW! Just scheduled the install for my solar panels and powerwall. The earliest available is April 1st, 2020 at 7am.
Either they are super busy, or they don't have enough installers on staff.
To be fair, March 17th was the earliest time available, but didn't fit my schedule. (They need you to be onsite for the full day)

I am happy the energy business is doing well, but didn't really want to wait that long.


  • bpbp
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    This is true for all of the solar installers.

    Dropping the federal tax credit from 30% to 26% in 2020 has created a rush to install solar/PowerWall systems by year-end.

    Our installer said they're working 16 hour days to get as many of their installations completed before year end as possible - and we'll likely see this repeated again near the end of next year...
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    I'm not surprised. @keichhor - Assuming you went with Tesla-direct as your microgrid provider (and depending on your location) it's likely that both of those reasons are big factors.

    Tesla dealers are also seeing strong demand - especially now that Powerwalls are finally readily available. In the case of our dealer, they claim to have numerous customers who've waited years for this time to arrive and now they all want installations ASAP.

    Watching Tesla's energy business explode in the years ahead is likely going to be just as much fun as watching the Model 3 take the auto world by storm, with the Y, CT, and Semi getting in position to do the same thing!

    Exciting times.
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    Well at least you received a response. I've sent in two requests from my Model 3 account and received no response.
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    I’ve waited 18 months for my PowerWall to be installed... it was during the Model 3 ramp up and the Puerto Rico crisis...
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    I'm awaiting utility interconnection (the very last step of installation). The story I was given for the delay is that everyone underestimated the impact the California preemptive outages would have, combined with the reduced end of year tax incentive.
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    Anyone knows if this came to mexico to be a reseller
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  • jrRjrR
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    They are really busy.At least in Illinois. My system sometimes doesn't start (18-7b code), It is more than 4 months since first technician did some programing. They said coming back with the software update, never came. Called couple times, last time a week ago, case is still active, schedule department have to call me to schedule a repair. Week later, still waiting. I called one more time 2 days ago. Nothing.
    Contacting my lawyer next week to see what I can do to get my money back.
    This worst customers support ever.
    Don't waist your time and money.
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    My experience with Tesla Customer Service has been stellar. I'm in So. CA. It seems to vary by region.
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    Every time I have call into Tesla Solar Support since the end of November 2019, I get message that they know that solar data is lagging in reporting to the app. I have gone from no data to data that updates maybe between 40-45 minutes. Also the data that I am seeing is not correct. I am showing spikes around noon time and other times when I know that can't be happening. The data I am seeing seems to be from someone else's system. They have had more than adequate time to fix these issues no matter how busy they are. I am on the East Coast.
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