Loot box Supercharger miles?

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When I ordered my Model 3 I used a friend's referral code and received 1000 free supercharger miles. In my Loot Box I have the 1000 miles but when I used a supercharger yesterday instead of using my free miles it charged my credit card. What is the trick to use free miles when using a supercharger? I ordered and picked up the car in December, is there a delay for using free miles?


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    There’s no trick. They shouldn’t start charging for miles until your free miles are gone, but once in awhile it happens. Use the Request Help link on your vehicle page to report the issue and they’ll fix it (eventually).
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    Are these theoretical miles or actual miles? I.e. Suppose you fill up from 20% to 80% at SC1 & SC2 with a Tesla having a 300 mile EPA range. It was cold out, etc so instead of driving 180 miles between SC1 & SC2, you only drove 120 miles (which is consistent with your efficiency before SC1 and after SC2). Does Tesla deduct 180 miles or 120 miles from your free charging balance (for 1 charging session)?
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    Tesla actually uses kWh rather than miles. The miles are just easier to understand. If Tesla says you have 1000 free miles, they really mean 400kWh. They can't monitor the actual miles you're getting with each charge.
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    @EVRider, Thanks for the suggestions but I don't see the Request Help link on my vehicle page.
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    @Big Blue: Interesting, I just checked and Request Help is gone for me too. It used to be next to the Vehicle Details link. I checked two different browsers to make sure it wasn't a browser-specific thing, but it's missing on both.

    Try using to contact Tesla. That link will first try to find a matching support article, but then you'll have the option of submitting the question via e-mail.
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