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Yellow band around my screen

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What's with the yellow band around my screen on my 2018 X100D? Also have it on my 2015 S85D screen.


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    arrange service appt
    UV light cures resin and solves the problem
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    I once asked about this. I was told that they don't offer fix or replace the screen anymore since the yellow band doesn't affect function therefore it's in the scope of warranty.
    Sometime ago I read from the forum, saying when they upgrade your car to HW3 from HW2 (for those eligible, of course), they will replace the screen with a new one along with the hardware upgrade. Is it still true?
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    Hoffenberg, I picked up my 2020 Raven 3 weeks ago and had to put it in the shop last week. They gave me a’16 p90D with ludicrous and I see the difference. Big time. One is the battery is %50 increase, cabin noise, operating system, and the ride is night and day. Now why it was in the shop already is for another thread.
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    I specifically asked the SC about this. They now have a machine to fix it. They asked me to make an appointment via the phone app with “yellow frame” as the issue description. It takes about a day to fix... no ranger service for this...
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    'Sometime ago I read from the forum, saying when they upgrade your car to HW3 from HW2 (for those eligible, of course), they will replace the screen with a new one along with the hardware upgrade. Is it still true?'

    I just received HW3 upgrade. I do have yellow band around screen, both before and after upgrade. MX delivered 8/18, paid for FSD at purchase, So it looks like the answer to above is no. sigh
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    I had a service appt in Tampa to repair the "yellow band" 2018 Model X 100D. I also had a weather seal repair, and the "auto presenting door" stopped working. the SC contacted me before the appointment to state the UV yellow band machine had "stopped working". I took the Model X in and thy fixed everything else and installed HW3.0. They said it would be first quarter before they got a machine to fix the yellow band. Frustrating to say the least as it's an annoyance - BUT they will repair it under warranty. The driver door was fixed with a new BDM (Body control module). Good luck!
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    @bdambrosio - I've never heard of Tesla doing a screen replacement in the last year. They did a few when the problem first started to occur and then halted it to develop a better solution, as the replacement displays had the same issue. Schedule an appointment and they should be able to handle it. Seems a few service centers have had problems with the custom equipment Tesla created to handle it, but I expect most SCs are fine.
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    Had UV treatment on our Model X a couple weeks ago at one of the San Diego SC's, along with resolving the driver's and front passenger door seals, both of which were not firmly attached to the doors along the bottom edge.
    Good results all around. Also fixed driver's side wiper adjustment so it no longer hits the A pilllar.
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    The yellow bands around the screen edges on our 2017 S and 2018 X are getting pretty bad, making it difficult at times to read through the bands for the display underneath.

    Had been waiting until we needed other service - but the bands are getting so bad, may have to schedule a service visit just to fix the problem for both vehicles.

    Has anyone had this done with mobile service?
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    No mobile service for the yellow bands. You need to bring the car to a SC.
  • I have purchased three model S vehicles. Last year I, too, had the yellow band around my touch screen. I brought it in for service and they used the UV machine to "cure it". Starting a few months ago the yellow band reoccurred. I attempted to make an appointed for repair and I noticed they were charging me $35 for the service! They said it was a cosmetic anomaly and the repair is only temporary. That is totally unacceptable. I paid over 100K for this vehicle and this is how they treat this problem? I believe this is a class action problem How can we do this?
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