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Dead screen and more

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Car does not respond to phone app. - the app screen has a white background stripe at the bottom with the message "Updated on Dec 65,2019" On Rt. side of the stripe is a circular arrow that just goes round and round. When it finally stops, there appears on the left side of this strip a black triangle with an exclamation point in it.

Entering the car, the screen is dead - nothing!

Battery is about 50% charge.

The dashboard has a message that car is starting up. After a few minutes, that message goes off, the dashboard remains illuminated, but nothing works. I can put the car in gear and drive it, but I cannot even unfold the mirrors. Pushing both steering wheel nobs, with or without foot on the brake, does nothing.

Note the car is 2 years old, so I consider myself reasonably competent with the controls. I'm stumped. Any suggestions?


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    With foot on brake, hold the two scroll wheels down until you get the Tesla T in the main display. Takes a good minute or so...
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    I tried the reboot to no avail. Tesla Roadside Assistance was called this morning, and within 30 minutes, a truck arrived and hauled the "X" to the Littleton Service Center.
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    I have had my new Model X for 6 days, 300 miles on it. The screens went black and now it will have to be towed to the service center. The agent on the phone said its the battery. I am very disappointed because it is unbelievable that 300 miles in and the battery is dead! What gives!
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    MCU problem?
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    Follow-on to my post that started this discussion;
    My "X" was trucked to the Service Center where diagnosis led to replacement of the MCU. However, when I picked the car up, it was apparent something else was wrong. I had error messages on the dash noting that several functions were not available plus the image of the car did not show any of the nearby vehicles. Back to the Service Center where it was noted that the car had been test-driven prior to my pick up showing all was normal. Inspection in the service bay led to the conclusion that a cable that plugs into the bottom of the steering column is defective and must be replaced. I await notice that the "X" may (again) be available for pick up.
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    I experienced a dead screen issue on my “loaner” car (tmx from avis whike my tmx iis in for service). It was apox at the same time as you. I have also experienced that in a old signature tms. The signature car was really sensitive to temperatures. But for this one year old car, the issue was new to me. Something must be frosen in there, cause when the temperature reached + degrees (in Norway) the car went back to normal. And as you describe,, nothing works of resets. So after it got warmer, car started to work again. For a while. Now it’s been taken to the service because it lost the connection to it’s key fob! Could those two issues be connected? What do you think?
    Anna, with kind regards from Norway
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    @tesla - Very likely connected. Although rare, some electronics can have thermal sensitivities - works when warm, not when cold. More common is works in cold, and not when warm. A hairline fracture or short somewhere on a PCB can cause this - the thermal expansion/contraction causes a failure. Now the difficulty somewtimes is getting it to fail while at service. It can be very difficult to solve if the condition does not appear while in service.
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