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I just got Tesla solar and two powerwalls installed. I want to use the SolarEdge app. how?

The inverter I have is a solar edge unit. How does one connect a solar edge account to my installed inverter? The SolarEdge app had more functionality and I would like to use it.



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    Your installer can setup a new SolarEdge “site” for your new system, after which you will have online/app access to both your entire microgrid via Tesla and inverter(s) only via SolarEdge. We just did this for our new system.

    Lots of good data is available from both sources, but over time the Tesla gateway portal and app will likely provide the most useful information.

    Congrats and Enjoy!
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    The SolarEdge cloud "site" is pure crap! It is just a marketing ploy.
    At best there is a 30minute delay on the data, currently it shows latest data at 7:30 hours and it's 16:19 hours.

    We want/need real-time data and the Tesla app, or its IP portal does that nicely.

    I'm thinking of repurposing my Wattnode RS485 metering module, currently fed to the SolarEdge inverter and log/display to a Raspberry Pi with 7" LCD touchscreen.
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    Our experience with the SolarEdge portal has been quite good over the past 4 years. The generation data is reasonably accurate as compared to our Neurio monitors.
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    SolarEdge and Tesla are 2 independant systems, your installer should give you access to both...

    And yes, the SolarEdge portal works quite well for me... (cellular is updated every 4 hours only, but over ethernet it seems to be every 5 minutes.)

    It may depend on what version of SolarEdge inverter you have installed, but the local IP address for my inverter runs a local commissioning website, and the status tab has all the instant production info (+more) you could wish for...
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    I have tried to access the SolarEdge monitoring platform since early December 2019. After going back and forth with Tesla and SolarEdge customer service, I was told by SolarEdge customer support that Tesla has blocked SolarEdge from the Tesla gateway. I suppose I should call Tesla customer service again and see what they have to say about this.
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    willper, did your SolarEdge monitoring ever work and then stop? I will have Tesla powerwall system and SolarEdge inverters installed in a couple of months (waiting on permits and availability of installer). My installer informed me there would be no problem using both SolarEdge and Tesla monitoring. I hope he is correct.
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    I was never able to use the SolarEdge monitor platform. My system was installed on Sept. 18, 2019 and activated Nov. 25th. A few days before activation I received an email from SolarEdge inviting me to register for the SolarEdge monitoring platform. After I registered and logged on there was a wrong address and a job number and ID number and a small amount of data that registered for 11- 23, 24, and 25. After that what transpired was from my previous post. Good luck to you. It's a cruel world looking for the right answers!
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    same here guys, I have some bug with app, I think
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