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Navigate on Autopilot Not fully functional on new 2020 M-S

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My New, got 12/18/19, M-S does NOT do these functions:"Navigate on Autopilot (Beta): Actively guides your car from a highway’s on-ramp to off-ramp, including suggesting lane changes, navigating interchanges, automatically engaging the turn signal and taking the correct exit". It does go down the highway in the middle of the lane but doesn't do the other things. It is on Firmware version 1029.40.2.4 ca5ee86b8d9e. My Model 3 that I traded in did all these functions.

Any ideas on what is wrong or does the Model S lag behind the Model 3 in active updates?

Appreciate any help or directions you care to share.


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    Did you buy FSD? If not, that's the problem.
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    Just picked up ours and have the same thing. But we do know that it takes some time for the car to fully calibrate (not sure how long or how many miles the calibration takes) but that could be what’s going on. We did purchase FSD.
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    @jojim - Didn't you get a message saying it was doing a calibration and AP is not available? Sounds like @TomsModelS either doesn't have FSD, it was not properly enabled or he forgot to notice the calibration warning.
  • edited December 2019 we didn’t get the calibration warning. We got a blue circle around the digital steering wheel. The blue circle sort of spirals around and fills in as the calibration proceeds. We didn’t get a written warning, per se.
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    Just picked up my first Tesla, model s. I didn't purchase FSD. This Tesla page shows that the advanced auto pilot, summons ,auto lane change, and self parking only come with FSD.
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    Some people are confused by the fact that Tesla changed the way they sell AP and FSD earlier this year. Today, basic AP includes TACC and Autosteer, and is standard on every new Tesla. All the other driver assistance features are part of FSD, as noted in the previous reply.

    Before basic AP was introduced in late February or early March, there was Enhanced AP (EAP) and FSD. EAP had all of the driver assistance features that are currently part of AP and FSD, except for a few new recent visualization features that are only available with HW3. At that time, buying FSD didn’t get you access to any features that weren’t already in EAP — what you got was a free upgrade to HW3 and access to future FSD-specific features.

    People who upgrade from an older Tesla with EAP to a new one, and don’t buy FSD, are surprised to find they don’t have some driver assistance features they had previously. I suspect that’s what happened in the OP’s case.
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    Are there ANY features currently available that FSD has that EAP WITH HW3 does not have? I keep seeing there is currently no difference but many new features have been released in update 50.1. You would think Elon would throw paid FSD buyers a bone, at least SOMETHING for their 2K - 8K investment
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    Yes it has FSD. I found the problem. Land Change Confirmation was set to "ON". Got this from the link above by smusshi: "lane change confirmation (which requires me to accept the Lange change by engaging the turn signal) can be turned OFF by accessing Controls > Autopilot > Customize Navigate on Autopilot and TOGGLE ‘Lane Change Confirmation’ to OFF." ALL working great now. Thanks for the help buys and especially smusshi!
  • TomsModelS... Thanks SO MUCH for finding the problem! I have a new Model 3 and had the exact same problem and there is hardly anyone who's had this exact same problem in any forums, so it coulda been a hard time for me to find this answer.

    Hope you're loving your car as much as I am! 😁
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