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Jeda USB HUB for M3

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I bought this and like the fit and finish and organization of cables as well as the nice compartment for the SSD recordings. However, about half the time when I get in the car the dashcam says there is no drive connected. I have been opening up the compartment and notice that the USB-A to USB-C small cable provided by Jeda does not fit solidly on the USB-A side. I take it out and put it back in and it connects. Does anyone else have this issue? It is quite annoying, perhaps there is a quality issue with the USB-A compartment plug as I do not have any issue with any other ports in the unit.


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    I have the Jeda USB hub and am very happy with it. I use a Samsung 500gb SSD for the dashcam plugged into the back of the hub. I have my phone and music USB stick in the two front ports. It's a bit tricky to get the hub securely connected to the existing USB ports in the console. I visually lined up the bottom of the hub panel and very carefully pushed and more or less felt the hub panel making a secure connection. If the connection isn't correct you get problems as you are experiencing.

    By the way, that blue patch at the bottom left of the hub is a plastic film on the top of a removable magnetic panel for mounting an SSD. Just pry the panel up, remove the film and attach the SSD. I had to get a 5 inch USB cable for the SSD, carefully routing the cable, to make it easier to remove the SSD for file copying.
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    I have the exact set up as Sleeper above. Making the connection is a bit tricky as you're doing it blind. I thought mine was connected well, but dashcam said no-go. On the 3rd try it worked and stayed working. The trick for me was to make sure the Jeda is level and resting as low as it can go in the compartment, then push straight back. Whatever you do, don't try to force it as the connectors may get damaged.
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