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I witnessed your accident Dec 26, approx 3PM, Mill Valley, CA

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This afternoon i witnessed an apparent hit and run by a large pickup truck driver. IF the owner of the Model S watches this forum perhaps i can be of assistance as a witness. Here are the details:

1. You - driving Black Model S. You had just exited Northbound 101 and were turning left to go westbound on East Blithedale Ave. There are two lanes to make that turn and you were in the right side one.
2. The pickup - an extra large green pickup that looked rather strange. kind of like an old version of the Cybertruck! The driver was a caucasian middle aged male. This pickup was in the left side lane to make the left turn.
3. Me - driving Eastbound and stopped at the light so you folks could proceed onto East Blithedale.

The accident: I noticed the unusally large and ugly pickup truck even before your light turned green. When your light turned green i noticed that the pickup did not turn into the inner lane on East Blithedale as it should have. Instead it swung wide and sideswiped your rear quarter panel. I heard the scrape, I saw the two foot long scrape.

I wanted to turn around right then, but that was impossible. Took me a few blocks to find a way to turn around. I was hoping to tell you i was a witness and give you my contact info. When i drove back to the scene of the scrape and then drove West, i checked out various places you could have stopped, but never found you. I suppose it is possible the truck driver took advantage of the southbound 101 onramp an took off! Sure hope your camera got a license plate number! If you want me as a witness, please reply to this email.


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    I meant "reply to this post" not "this email"!
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    Wilber, Applaud your effort. Thanks for being a good citizen.
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    Maybe the new owner, like me, just checking the forums now after Boxing Day craziness.
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    Thanks Madatgascar. For the record, i also posted on TMC forum but have not yet heard from the MS owner. I did report to Mill Valley PD and to the CHP, so if the owner gets in touch with those agencies they know how to contact me.
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    Did your best Wilber.
    Good human.


    Still Grinning ;-)
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