TESLA mobile APP registration process

I'm a new owner of a used Model 3 since Nov 18th 2019. On nov 20th, I submitted all required docs to the EMEASupport center for the TESLA mobile APP registration. After 5 weeks actually, I'm still waiting for the App registration (or an answer!!). . . what the hell is going on at this "support"-center? Is this a one men show? You won't get even answers or any receipt confirmation from these guys . . . I do not understand, why this APP registration process can't be performed at official TESLA sales points or TESLA service centers if you appear there personally with all doc's and the vehicle. Does bureaucracy take over even at TESLA? My image about the TESLA administration is damaged. Does anyone have an idea how to accelerate this process?

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    For me, it took about 4 weeks. Send them a “friendly reminder” every week and eventually, they will grant you access.

    It’s bad, I know ...
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