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Powerwalls not always fully discharging

We have two Powerwall 2 batteries installed in our garage configured to run in Self-Powered mode. Most nights, the Powerwalls will fully discharge before the system starts drawing from the grid. However, I am noticing that sometimes the batteries will still have a decent amount of charge left but will be drawing from the grid rather than discharging. This seems to be happening more frequently and always in the early hours of the morning around 2 or 3am.

For example, this morning the batteries had 22% charge remaining but the system was drawing from the grid between 3:10am and 6:10am before they started discharging again. This coincided with the time that the solar kicked back into life and started generating power again.


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    Are you batteries outside or inside? How cold is it? These batteries don’t like cold below 50F.
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    Batteries are in the garage. We live in Sydney Australia so it never gets that cold here and it's summer here right now. The garage is quite cool so I don't think it is an over-heating issue either. Could it be a conditioning algorithm at play?
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    I’m not sure why is does that. It could be due to domestic rules and regulations for Australia. Someone posted a new rule which limits the maximum phase imbalance to 3kVA in Australia. Is there a chance that you exceed this limit overnight due to EV charging, pool pumps, etc?
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    We have low usage overnight as there are no high drain appliances running - these all run during the day including EV charging. Strange how it does always seem to happen in the early hours of the morning but at least that's during off-peak rates I guess!
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    Jason - what is your self-powered reserve setting in the mobile app?
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    Self-powered reserve is set to 0% so it should fully discharge the batteries, which it usually does but not always.
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    Try setting it at 5%.

    I noticed that the final 5% seems not so reliable on the PW2 units. Of course, stopping at 22% makes no sense. We regularly have taken ours below 10% when disconnecting from the grid to test our system a few times (pretend survival mode).

    Also, try just disconnecting from the grid at 2 am or 3 am if you see it stalled again. Does that then force the batteries to carry the load until 0% as intended?
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