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Hello Tesla Team,

I have two Tesla vehicles: Model S and Model 3 and have few requests / suggestions.

1) Blind spot monitoring

Tesla vehicles are really advanced in technology but the blind spot monitoring system needs some improvement.

When engaging the turn signal and a vehicle or object is detected in the adjacent lane you are planning to move into, the touchscreen currently displays a red lane line to indicate that a vehicle or object is detected, but what is missing in my opinion here is an audible warning / chime especially when you concentrate your attention on the road, but not on the touchscreen / monitor.

I understand we should always use mirrors and perform shoulder checks, but the warning chime would be useful feature to have (Blind Spot Collision Warning Chime is enabled on both of my vehicles)- just an fyi.

2) In addition, it would be nice to have a video from corresponding side fender / repeater camera to pop up on touch screen when you turn your blinker on (same way as backup camera pops up when you put in reverse).

3) Another feature would be great to have is cross traffic monitoring when you backup from the parking spot with limited visibility, it would be nice to have some sound / chime warnings if there is a car coming from a side.

4) Video save feature. Latest update added video save function when you honk the horn. It would be useful if video save function also is activated on emergency braking event or if car is involved in accident.

Looking forward to seeing these improvements in future updates.
Thank you.


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    Wrong place for these suggestions.

    As for the blind spot monitoring, pay more attention to what’s going on around you. You should be checking your mirrors before attempting to change lanes anyways. I find it funny how cars have a lit indicator in the outside review mirror to alert you that there is a car approaching. So here is the funny part, if you can see that lit indicator, you can see the car in your mirror. So again, if you are paying attention as you should be (driving 101), then the image of that car should have gotten your attention. Instead of enforcing better driving habits, we have dumbed down to the lowest common denominator and rely on beeps, dings and buzzers.

    Also, the more chimes you have in a car, the more it becomes background noise. Due to the way I have to pull into my garage, my front left corner has to come real close to to the wall, setting off the parking sensors. I don’t even hear them anymore.
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    The reason a blind spot is called a blind spot, actually, is that you can’t see it in your mirror. You see it by looking over your shoulder. The suggestion is valid.
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    Improvement Suggestions:

    1. Voice-to-txt app.. Ability to dictate notes while driving. Frequently have ideas I'd like to "write down."

    Is this the correct place to make those suggestions to Tesla? If not, please advise....

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    @iflatow - "Is this the correct place to make those suggestions to Tesla?"

    Well... it's unclear that anyone in marketing or engineering looks here. You can send your suggestions directly via contact link, but again, it's not clear where it ends up.

    I created a site for desired features here:, and you can create, search or vote for features. Start at the link "desired features". So far over 100 desired features on my site have been implemented by Tesla. For example, cross-traffic alert is a popular desired feature:
  • Try with this website It will help you to Unscratch The Surface.
  • Hi Tesla Team
    Driving the car for the company I have to make declarations for the loading. Online there is a possibility to show the invoices from certain period though that does not work.
    Too that would it be helpfull to be able to download the overview to excel. This way I can modify the to be declared easy.
    looking forward having to improvement.
  • Dear Tesla Team,
    Would it be an idee to be able to see the trip on the mobile app and see if you can make a round trip showing the charge on arrival, return and possible loading stations on the way. This would be very helpfull planning your trip sitting at home and not having to go to the car.
    Cheers Johan
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