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Powerwall installation Washington State

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Hi everybody. I’m a long time Tesla customer since 2012. I’m building a new home near Seattle and are planning on using the Powerwall (2) as a backup generator which I placed a deposit for in September of 2018.

I’m told by Tesla that they need to be installed by a certified installer. We are getting ready for electrical work and one local installer quoted me $24,000 for the two batteries and install. our general electrician isn’t certified but talked to a Tesla rep who said the install is included with the batteries or maybe subsidized. I’ve seen posts here for around 13-14k installed for 2 PW which is what I was thinking it would be initially.

I asked the company that quoted me the 24k and he said “Tesla quotes are always inaccurate and low” but it sounds like with folks here on the west coast getting them installed for 13-14 so this guy may be pulling a fast one?

I know when I’ve done other Tesla charging projects for the 240 wall charger companies were all over the map from $500-$3000 but this is obviously a bigger deal.

Any real world advice here would be much appreciated!

At this point planning on charging from the city grid but may consider solar in the future.


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    The PW can only be installed by a Tesla certified company. You can’t use your own electrician. However, $24k for two PWs is on the high side. You should be able to find cheaper if looking around... The right price is probably $16k-$20k...
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    Get a couple estimates. I had mine done by A&R Solar. Permitting, inspections, installer's warranty, ancillary equipment, and upgrading electrical service to meet current code (less likely needed in a new build) all add to the costs.
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    Agree with Passion - we just paid $9K each for three units including installation to a local Tesla dealer in NC.
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    I live in Edmonds, WA and had our two PW2 installation in June 2018 by A&R Solar for $15.5k. A&R also did our solar PV installation in 2012, and they are an incredible company that have treated me well, and would recommend them for PW2 installation in a heartbeat. They would also be my choice for your future solar installation as well. A&R is certified by Tesla for PW2 installations. We were the second PW2 installation in WA in 2018.
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    Tesla installed my two PWs in January this year, onto an existing 5kW PV array in So. CA. ~$18k.
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    Interesting. It was A&R that quoted me $24k. Does anyone have other local Tesla installers
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    Who did you end up going with? We are looking at A&R for solar panels as well as 2 Powerwalls.
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    A&R did our 13.2 kWh solar installation in 2012 and our 2-PW2 installation in June 2018. They did an exceptional job on both, and can tell you they are a great company to work with. They have always been there to answer question and deal with issues I have had, relative to having a few microinverters needing to be replaced on several occasions. I have gotten to know Andy and Reeves quite well over past 7+ years and totally recommend A&R solar as a quality vendor to anyone.
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    Do you feel the Powerwall was worth it in the Seattle area? I'm looking into solar and wondering, on Puget Sound Energy, if it's worth having a Powerwall when it is very rare we lose power in my particular area, PSE doesn't do time-of-use rates, etc.
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    @SamsAwesome, Yes the PW2 installation was well worth it. You are right we rarely lose power in Edmonds, WA, but we have had several shorth outages in last six months, and they worked flawlessly to keep everything running. For us reducing our reliance on grid energy was one of the primary reasons for adding the PW2's, and they have worked exceptionally well to minimize our grid energy use for ~9 months of the year. We will not be drawing any energy from grid until end of October with our setup, which also includes charging up our two Tesla's (M3 and MS). Snohomish PUD pays us for our excess solar ($0.54/kWh) and we get a check for $5,000 for our excess solar exported to grid every year through Net Metering. This will be the last year those incentives will be in effect, as the incentives sunset in 2020. They have been handy in helping us pay off our 2012 solar PV installation. The solar + PW2 installation have been well worth the investment IMHO.
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