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Screens Freezing and Turning Off

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The Screens (both of them) on our Model X are repeatedly freezing and then turning off completely. Happened repeatedly (8-9 times) during a 6000-mile drive yesterday. If we're driving, car still drives, BUT if we're parked, cannot move the car.


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    I predict a service call is in your future! Not normal.
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    Wow 6000 mile drive! I’d like more info on how the drive went overall - other than screen issue.
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    December 23th 2019 was my 1 year anniversary and then my TOUCH SCREEN was all black. i was getting ready to go to work and in a panic turned both knobs off and on then in about 2 mins everything was all well and good until again last night 12/29/2019 my son was trying to go out and it happened again. This time it took almost 30 minutes for
    the touchscreen to come alive. What is going on TESLA ??
  • Wow I had same problem my both screen were blank while I was driving 70 miles hour on Highway and speedometer screen came back and when touched map screen that came back but my car was driving fine but I got scared . That was only one time. But I just got software update 2019.40.50.7 anyone knows about this ?
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    Google eMMC
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    @BH - These sound like newer cars with MCU2 which do not suffer the eMMC issue. Still, not sure of the cause for those above if they have MCU2. The eMMC issue seems to show up on some older MCU1 cars in the 2012-2013 era.

    @dhanji - Nether display or the replated computers are needed to drive the car, but agreed it can be odd to have no display and not know what speed you're traveling at. So far, I've never had the instrument panel go dark while driving. I've had the main dislay hang, so I did a reboot while driving, which is safe to do.
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    Without the model year mentioned, I had to surmise. I thought Jason Hughes was still lobbying for changing what he sees as a continuing issue.
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