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We got our Model X just in time on 12/31. Unlike the model 3 delivery, we rushed out. Jet lag from a long flight from Japan and I think they just wanted to get thru with it. It’s a lot more manual and more buttons to figure out than the simpler Model 3.

The dashboard has the navigation and the center has the car and lanes. The right part of my dashboard has the energy consumption rate. Are these fixed? I googled and YouTubed but couldn’t find anything. I would like to have the car and the lane visuals be bigger. It so hard to see at night. Is there. A setting I need to modify?

I was told the driver door is supposed to open when I’m near it. This happened once and I don’t know how to replicate this. What am I missing? Thank you!!


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    The steering wheel has two small balls you can scroll forward and backward. Press one in at a time and it’ll give you the option on the right and the left of the dashboard to change from energy consumption and navigation. No changing the visualization at center.

    On the center screen tap on the most lower left button to pull up the options menu. Play with all of them and get to know the car. There’s plenty to entertain yourself with. Once you come across the Drivers side door open on approach option, make sure that’s set to on.

    I’m not in the car now to be more specific, but I hope that is helpful @anhlue. Congrats on your purchase!
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    @freemarket, thank you! I read the manual and it talked about the right steering wheel button. So far I can get driver temp, brightness, etc. I must have missed the other wheel button function. Will try. Thanks!!
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    You will have to charge the car some time. Go to a supercharger and if you are in CA, there is always someone there. Ask them for help. Tesla owners are friendly people. Both the right and left scroll buttons do the same thing,depending which side you want to display. Remember to push long enough for a menu to show. Too short a push and you either turn off or turn on the climate control system.
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    When you are navigating the left side of the dash shows navigation and instructions for your next turn.
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    My doors only work sporadically.
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    My doors lately have not been opening automatically like it use to. Made an appointment with the service center before my warranty expired when I was at about 59, 500 miles. They replaced door latch mechanism both sides. Must be done in pairs. Works fine now. Tech commented my latch mechanism was of an older design.
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    I just got my new X. I had to turn on the self presenting doors. I am not sure if that option is tied to a driver profile or not. It works perfect for me. I find that when things seem wonky, I check to see what driver profile I am on. My husband does not like the self opening doors. I do!
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    I followed all of your tips and everything works! Drove from Sac to SF on FSD and it was wonderful. The 2 hour drive allowed me to understand the FSD much better.

    I’ve been trying to figure out when auto park comes up. I am terrible with parking, esp a larger vehicles. I love the cameras and the lines shown on our Model 3 and this X. They’re extremely accurate vs our Toyota’s. I’m sure my parking will improve. With perpendicular parking spots, I know there had to be a spot sandwiched between two cars for AP to detect the parking space. I can’t figure out parallel parking. Driving the kids to school, Tesla randomly recognizes a non space as a parking space. Yet, in a real space for parallel parking, it doesn’t. What am I missing? I’m driving less than 15 mph.

    I have yet to use Summon and I can’t imagine right now when I would need to use smart summon. Watching YouTube videos on Smart Summon makes me weary.
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    Completely understand the auto park frustration.
    Seems to me you should have a screen button or voice command to trigger the sensors into auto park mode.
    My Model S seemed more ready to click into auto park. With the X I feel lucky when it goes on.
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