V10 and HW1 - anyone with HW1 get V10 yet?

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Was wondering if there were any goodies in there for those of us with the ancient HW.


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    Yes, some people with HW1 have reported getting V10. I think even some pre-HW1 people have gotten it. Of course you won't get access to some of the V10 features without newer hardware, for example dashcam, new games, or video streaming.
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    Bare 2012 P85 running 40.2.3

    Not a whole lot of new stuff, just the new windowing on the MCU1, really. Scheduled start for work on weekdays saves a pull down.
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    Sigh. Was hoping for a little something, but if it is trivial, then I'll accept that HW1 has all the functionality it is going to have. I'm still not tempted yet to trade my 2015 S 85D for a new S. Perhaps in 2 yrs there will be enough to get me to upgrade.
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    Our 2017 S P85 with AP2 and MCU1 also hasn't received the "holiday" update.
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    It's not entirely clear, but I expect almost everyone has V10., as it's been out for over 3 months now. It was never restricted from early cars.

    Now the holiday release 2019.50 seems to be rolling out slowly to pre MCU2 cars. I've not seen it myself.
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    The Holiday release is 2019.40.50.x Not 2019.50.
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    My Model 3 got (10.2 with voice control) on 12/24 so that is the Holiday Release. My MCU 1 Model X has not seen an updated since (10.0) on 11/19.
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    My March 2017 MX 75D has been stuck on v 2019.40.2.1 since Dec 19 of 2019. I purchased the FSD upgrade from my original EAP configuration in March of 2019. I'd love to get my email telling me I'll be scheduled for HW3...but all is quiet, no love from Tesla.
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    @mbirnie51: I don't think anyone with MCU1 is getting HW3 yet. Do you have HW2 or 2.5? HW2.5 went into production in August 2017.

    Not sure why you haven't gotten 40.50.x yet. Make sure you have software updates set to Advanced, and you have both WiFi and LTE coverage where you park.
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    @EVRider - I'm still on 2019.40.2.1 (HW2.0). My last update was 16-Nov-19. Software menu indicates I'm "up to date", so they don't appear to be releasing 40.50 or later yet to a number of older cars.
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    @TT - ditto for me except my 2016 P100D installed 40.2.1 on December 18.
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    See this related thread in the Model S forum:

    When the Controls > Software screen says your software is up to date, that just means Tesla hasn't scheduled your specific car for the update yet. I see the same thing when a new build is released, even though I eventually get the update. It's not like the software update on your phone, for example, where the update is made available to everyone at the same time.
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    @EVRider - Good point - I'll buy that :)

    Still, it does seem like MCU1 cars are not getting the latest updates. No MCU1 owners here have responded that they got the .50 update, while many that have MCU2 have gotten it. I'm not worried about it, but for a major release with lots of cool features, it is a bit odd.
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    @TeslaTap: Yes, it is odd that MCU1 cars wouldn't get the 40.50 update, since most of the features don't seem to be hardware specific, and in the past you would still get the update without features that weren't supported by your hardware.

    I think it's still unclear whether no one with MCU1 has received the update, but it is clear that Tesla is prioritizing deployments to newer cars.
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    40.2.3 on my 2012 S

    Clearly MCU1. ;-)
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    I bought my Model S in Dec 2016 with MCU1, HW 2.0 with EAP and FSD at time of purchase so I should be ahead of all the late buyers who bought FSD this past year.
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