Ackworth Supercharger

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I just googled the Ackworth, Ga Supercharger and got the information that the Ackworth Supercharger is permanently closed. However my Navigation routes me to that supercharger for my next trip. I have seen a few posts about some of the chargers at that superchatger not giving full power as well. What’s up with this?


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    The Apple map application also marks it as permanently closed.
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    A Model 3 charged there yesterday, according to plugshare.
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    Why not use the in-car map information on Superchargers? Its status is usually within a few minutes of reality. I'd trust the status a lot more than other third-party maps that can sometimes be months out of date or have wrong information.
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    I wonder if there is a concerted effort among EV haters or Tesla shorters to go into both Google and Apple maps and mark chargers as closed? Anyone can do this and then it gets referred to some number of other local people to "verify" so it isn't hard to do. I just recently went through this process on Google Maps for a local U-Haul outlet that was going out of business. A big sign on the door "no more U-Haul" so I marked it as permanently closed and some other local maps user verified it so it went live. If people are doing this with actual working Superchargers (either to hurt Tesla or just deface maps) then that would suck.
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    I used in back on November. Anyone around the Atlanta area that can check or click on the Supercharger icon on their car to check the status and see if how many stalls are available and how many are in use. The Tellus science museum is in the area and has a few Tesla destination chargers and the t ok wn of Cartersville has Chargepoint chargers in a few locations but you need to have a Chargepoint account and card to use them.
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    @jerry, in this day and age, totally possible. And equally reprehensible.
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    It is still open and operational
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    When you try to trip plan in the car, it will only plan based on the miles of charge your car currently has. So I frequently will plan on Google maps or Apple maps inside my house instead of outside in my car. You get totally different results based on the SOC of your car. Still puzzling over all the fancy tricks and games Elon adds to the toybox and the rudimentary nature of the nav system. Very difficult to try out different routing or even skipping the charger the nav system wants you to charge at!!!
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