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Gateway calibration?

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Just had my 2x powerwall installed on a existing solar system. I don't have my PTO yet but looking at the tesla app, I see strange values for the metering (Like solar production in the middle of the night, or my house usage almost exactly tracking my solar production)

I immediately brought it up with the installing technician would told me that the sensors couldn't be wrong as they are factory installed.

I'm wondering if there is some sort of calibration that is needed? I know there was something similar with my sense monitor to calibrate the CT clamps...

I pinged Tesla support about a week ago, but haven't had any response yet...


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    The CT's that they install are pre-calibrated, so that should not be the issue. It sounds more like a reversed connection - the solar and house consumption CT's sound like they are reversed - something the technician could easily have done by mistake.
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    Thanks Jones,

    Pretty odd that my home consumption tracks almost exactly my solar production, and those little bumps from solar in the middle of the night are odd too... I'm scratching my head, but it seems there is something more fundamentally amiss than just an inverted connection... Oh well... I guess I'll wait for my PTO and I'll investigate further if the oddities continues...
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    Logging directly on the gateway, I see this:

    Might give support a call and see what they say...
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    Just a quick update, it looks like the CT clamp were not configured correctly by the installer.
    First the phase were mixed up (one phase of solar was combined with one phase of grid, etc), so that got resolved first... Then, although the CT clamps were paired correctly solar and grid were swapped, so it looked like I was producing in the middle of the night. All resolved now, it took one phonecall, and then the dude on the other end worked on it by himself over a couple of days.
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    It was all working and my installer came over to do a bit of tidying up before the inspection, and messed it all up. I've actually found a way to log in the gateway as the installer, and change the configuration for the ct clamp.
  • i just got new solar panels installed. got the email from Tesla saying my system is activated. but when i try to log into the Tesla app on my iphone, it says, no product is found on this account? any idea?
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    tosh, Call Tesla's Customer Support phone number. Don't select "other issues" at the voice prompt, or you'll end up in Hold Purgatory. They should be able to easily hook you up.

    MattV, I wish I had installer access...
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