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Extended Powerwall Outage

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I noticed that my Powerwalls (3) were not charging or discharging. I called Tesla support. Tier1 support and I tried lots of diagnostics and then it was allegedly turned over to Tier2 who were to call me back. A week later, no call. so I called Tesla. I was referred to scheduling to set up a time for a tech to come out and look at the system. The first available slot was more than four weeks from today! That will make at least six weeks that my Powerwalls are useless to me. No load shifting, no backup.
On my current TOU plan that means that most of the power I will send to the grid will be off-peak, and I will draw power from the grid and not the Powerwalls during peak. This messes with the ROI of the system. And I am a bit chapped about having $26K of batteries doing nothing while the warranty ticks down. But Tesla sees nothing compensation-worthy.
So, if you are in Northern California and considering going with Tesla for a Powerwall installation, I have one piece of advice. Don't.


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    I used a third party to install my PW. I had an issue after a few months back and the installer has a tech to my house the next day. The tech spent one hour on the phone with Tesla and had the issue fixed...

    Advice: the product is great! But please use a third party for support...
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    I have had my two powerwalls since April (connected to an existing non-Tesla 10kW solar) - functioned perfectly and exactly as expected until last week. Bay Area location. At that time - charged just fine but would not discharge. Tried a whole bunch of adjustments in the app with no success (did not bother with support since it was the weekend). Forced a discharge by doing a grid disconnect (with fingers crossed) and let the batteries run down to about 30%. Fixed the problem for me.
    I also made sure that the next couple of days would be clear weather to effectively recharge via solar.
    It's not in the manual and I was curious about cold weather function for discharge anyway...
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    Upgrade your ticket to "emergency". Tesla will respond quickly and have someone there within hours.

    Let's face it, there are no real emergencies for a solar system. They are just going to tell you to shut it down until they get to you.

    So tell them that you see smoke coming out of the Powerwall and that you are making a video to upload to YouTube. They will have someone at your house very quickly.
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