Unexpected acceleration claim process?



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    @ 8 Ball; Did you read the thread, or just 'touristed-in ' dictionary in hand ?
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    I had the same thing happen with my work truck (2013 F150) a few weeks ago. Two of us stopped opposing each other on one of the access roads, I was having a hard time staying stopped and was having to press the brake pedal way too hard. Then I realized my heal was pressing the bottom portion of the gas pedal and the harder I pressed the brake the harder I was also pressing the gas by just a little bit at the very bottom of the pedal. I scooted my heal over just a touch to get it off of the gas

    Had It not happened under a safe situation and I had wrecked I would not have had time to catch the issue and would have sworn that I was pressing the brake hard.
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    @rafamis Yes, I have read many claims and this thread trying to blame Tesla for user error. Again can you provide anything but a meme', opinion, unverified allegations, hyperbole', rhetoric, anecdotes, etc.

    Please show some factual evidence.
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    @rafimas: It is not unsolicited...YOU started this. You are the one that asks Tesla for your vehicles data HOPING to say A-HA it WAS the car and NOT me, but the data came back and indicated that it was operator error so you don't believe it.

    If you aren't going to believe the data, then why ask for it? If you are only going to believe it if it is in your favor, then don't get the data because it might not tell you what you want.

    The data is the data. I will tell you that the car does NOT register accelerator pedal movement in the CANbus when the CAR accelerates on it's own. The only way the accelerator pedal movement is registered is when the user physically presses it.

    Tesla has been dealing with user error for many years now and I have yet to see anywhere where their data has been shown to be flawed.
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    Look it's clear there is no possible evidence or details that can convince rafamis he's in the wrong. Rafamis could sue Tesla, spend tens of thousands of dollars to lose this case. Then he can rant against the unfair jury system and sue the jurors and judge. Hey, you can sue anyone. Just be willing to spend a ton of cash because you're unwilling to see what everyone else does.
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