“Autopilot” in a box?

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    Lane keeping assist, lane changing, and evasive actions. I doubt it’s any real competition for Tesla. But I am mind blown that something like this exists, and can be retrofitted to a vehicle in 15 minutes.
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    Elon has complimented OP in the past, he's a fan of holtz and vice versa. OP is super impressive and isn't meant to be competition but to bring a level of autonomy to existing vehicles ultimately making driving safer.
    I tried it on our Crosstrek which is a fork off the official code (yay opensource) and a few issues here and there but it worked pretty great, would of worked better of Subaru had radar
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    Obviously, these products need to pass extremely rigorous safety benchmarks before they can be made widely available. The legal implications are potentially astronomical. But it is exciting to see that they are in development.

    This video is what caught my eye initially:

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