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Text Message and Music glitch

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The new text message reader is long awaited and really needed by some of us like my ... er um friend ... who reads and sends texts while driving (but clearly NEVER should!!) ;)

I've noticed these glitches tho:
1. about 20% of the time, when a text comes in the car registers two texts. The first one is usually a text from 2015 or even 2016 in my phone, and the second is the realtime text that actually just came to my phone.
2. Sometimes after the text is read by the car, the music volume disappears despite the song still playing. Hitting next starts the next streaming song but still no volume. Changing to USB music still has no sound output. (Obviously changing the volume level doesnt fix it. Pausing doesnt fix it.) It's like the sound output is changed from music to text reader and somehow not switched back.
3. Rebooting with both wheel scroll buttons fixes everything.

Anyone else with this issue?

2018 100D MS
Samsung S9 phone


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    I've had the same issue as well. 2019 MS, and after the 40.50.7 update, occasionally after a text message comes in and I have it dictated, I go to reply and it won't shut the music off to listen to me dictate my reply. After pressing dismiss, I can no longer control the music volume with the scroll wheel, I tried disconnecting my phone from the car and forgetting the car from my phone with no success. Only thing that works is the double scroll wheel reset. I will avoid using the voice text until the patch comes to fix it. You can see many people having different voice control issues, seems like this is one that will eventually be addressed as well.
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    I bought a new phone. A new Samsung s10. Only had it for 2 days and the Tesla glitched again. So likely not the phone.
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