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First Routine Maintenance Checkout Due?

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Our September 2018 vintage Model X just achieved 25,000 miles. Absent any service alarms, or other apparent issues, is it appropriate to bring in for its first routine checkout? Not sure what the company guidance is.


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    Nothing is required, and the warranty remains valid. It's more a matter of your safety comfort level and budget.

    The car still has wear items, such as tires, brakes, air filter, suspension, coolant, etc. Having them inspected every few years seems prudent to me. Some like to do it yearly, and then others wait until things break or die. For brakes on Tesla, while the actual wear should be minimal, the brake fluid may need to be replaced as it absorbs moisture and can become less effective. Also when you take it in, they may apply any service bulletins that apply to your vehicle.

    I hope this helps.
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    Northern cars are supposed to have brake lubrication annually as corrosion has been problematic above a certain latitude. Took over 5 years for mine to manifest. There are tire rotation schedules by mileage, but this certainly doesn't require the services of a Tesla service center.
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    Let’s see how it goes
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    We live in San Diego, so the climate is fairly benign. Think I'll wait until the second or third anniversary of delivery. Thanks for the input!
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    what about replacing the air filters? two years or 3?
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    I think it’s recommended to check them yearly before summer.
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    tire rotation? assume this is only accurate if you have the 19" Tesla RIMs?
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