Wasting Battery- Unnecessary trips

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Has anyone here allowed someone else to borrow their electric car/Tesla "for a quick errand" and gotten the car back with a ton of miles taken off the battery?

I am all for educating friends about the benefits of EVs but it kind of irks me when people waste battery because they think its "free." Just a weird newbie perception that I see developing. Curious if anyone else has seen this?


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    Perhaps the way to look at it is that there was an equivalent amount of pollution that didn't go into the atmosphere.

    I've found that lending cars to others is a good way to be without a car for a few weeks (while it's in the repair shop)
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    You can always charge them the cost of the used electricity. If they used lets say 20kWh with .10$/kWh then charge them two dollars.
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    Right, but if you begin charging for the battery deprecation, it starts getting ugly.
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    Well, 20kWh means something like 100 miles. 100000 to reach 70% of original capacity.

    100/100000 = 1/1000 * $400/kWh for 56kWh = 22400 / 1000 = 22.4 * 0.3 = 6.72

    So charge them $8.75. Still not much.
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    Timo, it's not about the money. It's about the discussion that entails. It's far too little money to start a debate, but these "careless drivers" still kill more value than they are aware of. It's a question of respect and care for other peoples valuables.
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    (Add an apostrophe if you like.)
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    Casually demonstrate to them that the trip logs show accel and speed of every moment they drove the car. (Maybe GPS location, too?) That's likely to have a significant inhibiting effect!
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    I suspect if you look at the logs you will see they had some fun with the car. It is hard not to have some fun and that may just be the thing that "sells" them on electric. While some of us got the car for environmental benefits others got the car because it is a lot of "fun" to drive.

    Unless it is a reoccuring problem I would let it be.
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    You can always put the car in valet mode.
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    I agree with DHrivnak, we need more voices to remove the assumption that EV=golf cart. If the little fun they have had sells a bit more BEV:s it's well worth it even in environmental sense.
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    Well, if I was you I would gladly borrow because of 2 reasons.
    1) if you not borrow your EV, they will go by some other ICE car which is probably more environmentaly harmful (somebody will, somebody will not agree, but since we are on Tesla forum, let suspect it's true)
    2) how else do you want to persuade them that EV can be fun and pleasure to drive?

    And how sure can you be that trip was really unnecessary? When my brother or friends want to have some fun they drive their ICE car just for fun - it is also unnecessary, but nobody cares about that. Somebody go to cinema, somebody read books, somebody sports and somebody drive a car... Everything what is done to make fun is unnecessary. My point is that maybe your point of view is not the best one.
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    In English, you loan your car to the person who borrows it.

    Loaning the car for a reason (supposedly other than trying to impress a possible buyer) is a little different. A friend shouldn't abuse the gesture!

    But life's a laugh, and then you die. So you're right: "Don't sweat the small stuff!".
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    Brian H,
    thx man, my English is still not so great as I would like it :-)
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