Is the voice keyboard feature working for anyone?

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One of the new features in 2019.40.50 is the ability to use voice input when the keyboard is displayed on the touchscreen:

"You can now use dictation to input text in your car. Simply, tap the microphone icon on the keyboard to input text via voice control."

Has anyone gotten this to work for them? Even when I can use voice commands elsewhere, if I have the keyboard up and tap the microphone icon, nothing happens, and nothing I say is echoed on the screen. I was trying this when using the search feature in the YouTube app.

I know that voice commands in general are problematic with this update, so no need to comment on that here, since there are plenty of other threads about that already. I'm specifically interested in hearing about the voice keyboard feature, and I don't recall seeing that mentioned in the other threads.


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    Totally broken for me since 50.7. Even the old "drive to" and "play" ones don't work anymore. I hope the next update will fix.
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    Yes , same here, voice commands for nav not working in our M3
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    Anyone have an answer to the question I actually asked? :-)
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    @EVRider, sorry let me clarify, my bad. The little mic on the keyboard seems to work somewhat, with a very odd side effect. When I use the mic on the Web browser it enters the phrase into the browser, but it also triggers a navigate to that same phrase behind the browser. So I guess there is a possible work around for navigate voice command itself being broken.
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    @BlueRadish: When you tap the mic icon on the keyboard, does it turn dark grey to show that it’s selected, or does the UI change in some other way? Do you have to do anything with the steering wheel scroll button? When I’ve tried it, nothing obvious happened.

    Interesting that the nav system responds to the voice keyboard input when you’re not actually typing a destination.
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    When I press the mic button it turns blue and a little beep is heard, no interaction with the steering wheel buttons. Seems to work on the navigate edit box, and the browser search like I previously said where it all goes to the navigate window as well as search. Unlike the old voice control where you could see it recognize words in the display behind the steering wheel, recognition isn't shown anyplace like it used to when the mic button is used. However, when you use the steering wheel button to activate voice control when the cursor is in the navigate edit box, the recognition of each word is displayed on the drivers display screen, but rarely works to do anything even if the words are recognised correctly. If my description seems confusing, I think it's because what the various buttons are doing don't seem to make sense.

    At least for navigation the mic button on the keyboard seems to be a workaround for the broken steering wheel voice activation, if you press the navigate button first, then the mic button on the keyboard. All the new voice recognition has great potential, but current release seem only half baked.
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