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White Guide Lines in backup camera misaligned

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October 2017 MX 100D, love my MX! I do have a few minor issues that I would like help with. I have a narrow garage door at home and choose to back in. I noticed when backing the MX into the garage using the white lines on the backup camera, that my passenger mirror just misses the door jamb by about a half an inch (to close for comfort) and the driver mirror misses the door jamb by about 6"-what gives? I have repeatedly reported the problem to my service center and they said they would report the problem (its been a year now and no fix). My guess is that the software offsets the white lines equidistant from the digital image centerline, however the camera is mounted off center on the drivers side to allow clearance for the rear trunk door handle, so I am guessing this should be a simple software fix -just offset the white lines in the software to correct of the camera being mounted off centerline... The other annoying issue this software bug has caused is that my rims hit the curb when parallel parking even though the white lines say I am clear... Has anyone else discovered this, any report of a fix, Elon please help.


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    Mine seems to be ok. Actually, I seem to park farther away from the curb than I’d like.
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    Somewhat related, I’ve been having to hang out way too much at the service center with my new X and have had a chance to talk to other drivers. One guy was in there b/c his autopilot is misaligned and keeps pulling the car too far to the left.
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    Geez Leweez. This is an issue that should never even have made it to anyone’s car.

    Be careful, there are people on this forum who threaten to report your unfavorable posts. These people in my view lack objectivity.
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